Suggest me a system - Certainly not for gaming.....

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Hi All,

Well, after going through the forums I see most of the suggesstions are for gamers...Well for me its the least I consider...

I'm a web developer and I narrowed by selection to P4 2.8 HT/512 MB RAM/80 GB HDD/DVD+CD-RW Combo with all other usual compents comes in for a standard pc. This was before I was searching the net...after searching the net looks like AMD performs better than P4, but again all are from gamers point of view not from a developers kind of stuff...Now I'm really confused abt the config...should I go for a P4 or AMD.

Considering the software which are likely to be installed, A Server OS, Development IDE's, Databases etc., whats the config recomended and how much will it cost apprx.

Thx and Regards,


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hey karunakaran,

AMD is the processor for the gamer enthsiast as it provides a lot of features and also provides overclocking abilities and also it is cheaper when compare to Intel processors. As per applications are concerned if you are not familiar with AMD then I would suggest sticking with Intel processor.

I personally use an AMD for my apps purproses and to date I have had no issues....but I am an AMD fan...not a fanatic :D


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Thx Icecoolz.

Well, I'm not much famililiar with AMD processors, I went to a wavering mind becoz, net searches suggested AMD is better than Intel in gaming fronts.... my logical reasoning was these days games are power resource hungry and needs powerfull cpus, since AMD fared well in thought will it fare the same with the kind apps I will use...other thing is one of my collegue has AMD based lap, which looks pretty good when compared with other intel laps available in our office..again he is not using heavy duty apps....just browsing and emails...Other main reason is AMD is cheaper than Intel. :)


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Give a thought to a AMD 64 based rig .........much better than a Intel P4 since it gives gr8 performance and is priced competitvely.


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Go 4 a AMD athlon 64 2800+ (operates at 1.8 Ghz) but can beat ur 2.8Ghz P4 from Intel. take ASUS K8V deluxe mobo and a Simple geforce 5700 GFX card. get 512Mb DDR400 Sdram and a 80GB SATA hdd.


For web develpoment(not gaming) you should really go for the cheaper option - AMD AthlonXP processor. AMD 64 does not fit all that well and ofcource you can get XP processsors at dirt prices now.

Get at least 512 of RAM, couple it with nForce2 motherboard with onboard GeforceMx440 which will suffice all your graphics needs, and it has even got an onboard Sound solution that will make Sound Blaster Live! blush.


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demoninside said:
hey blade i m looking for the best i can get in 30k suggest me something.

Well u cud go for a AMD 64 rig based on the foll:
AMD 64 2800/3000+
Hynix ddr400 512Mb
Ati radeon 9600np
LG 17' monitor
Seagate 120Gb

This shud come to arnd 30K i guess and shud be good enuf for ya. however if possible go for a 9600pro by spending an extra 2k on it.


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Web developing & Software developing, stay away from AMD AthlonXP , get either a Cleron (478 pin) or a Northwood P4 2.2 or 2.4 GHz, better if U get a 2.4 GHz Prescott, do not buy AMD cos it doesn't support SSE2 etc which are standerds in App developement

AMD64 will be costly, so skip it

Here U don't need extra high performance, so even a 2 GHz P4 is enough


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Can go 4 915G chipset along with Celeron D with 533 FSB or 2.8 Ghz P4 supporting LGA 775 interface. 915G original mobo with 2.8Ghz P4 wud cost U 15K
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