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  1. BBThumbHealer

    Create Logon Screen

    is there any other software to create logon screens instead of Logon Studio n Chameleon XP [ its not working ] ?? or is there any way by which we can simply set the wallpaper as our login screens ?? Thnx BlackBerry7100g..
  2. anandk

    Windows splash screens from 1.01 to Vista

    Ever since the dawn of the Windows operating system, Microsoft has used Splash Screens as a means of distracting us while the operating system is loading. In addition to their entertainment value, the Windows splash screens typically provide us with some sort of feedback on the progress of the...

    Colin McRae Dirt - new screens

    New screens for Dirt: Colin McRae Off-Road, looking good!
  4. arunks

    fedora core 6 error..plz rectify

    i installed fedora 6 and when it was starting after installation it gave the following error. plz help me..only the command prompt is working..plz help me to use gui window environement

    New Clive Barker's Jericho screens

    Found some new screens from this game. They look awesome! GREEN REPS PLZ
  6. tanush_89

    Dont want to take any chances

    I have Windows Xp on my PC,and also Vista. I want to install another copy of Xp and then Suse 10. How can i save all the boot screens. Because if i'll install Xp after Vista, I think Vista's boot screen will be erased. Plz help
  7. V

    windows logon

    i am using winxp pro sp2. i installed autopatcher august edition. now it logs on in classical mode. no moere xp logon screens appera. i even tried to uninstall autopacher but still unable to obtain tht screen bak. wot to do??
  8. pickster

    of 6600 & Laptop Screen

    Hi everyone. There are two main questions I have: 1] Is Nokia 6600 good enough to buy at this moment & what is its current price? 2] As mobile screens can display a certain no of colours, for eg. 6600 - 65K colours, how many colours a laptop screen can display? One thing more.. Happy Holi &...
  9. D

    Buying Vista Compatible Laptop

    Hi folks, I'm planning to go in for a lappy in a month and just started searching today. Here's my requirements. 1. Vista Compatibility(Support for WDDM). 2. 512MB Ram(upgradeable) 3. Briteview / Ultrasharp or whatever they call the BETTER screens (size no matter)...
  10. R

    terms in winxp

    What are following in winXP 1. NTVDM CPU. 2. BAD_POOL_HEADER(often seen in blue screens)
  11. V

    Call Of Duty 2 discussion : Demo screens

    Hi guyz, I have finished the demo of COD2 and it's wonderful :). The game runs smoothly on 1024X768X32 resolution with 4X anti-aliasing. I have also posted some screens of it: Enjoy ! (P.S.: I LIKED THE LAST SCREENSHOT FOR DRINKING !) :twisted: :)) PLEASE TELL ME GUYZ...
  12. S

    I Wanna SLAMDUNK!!!

    I have recently installed NBA Live 2005 on my PC....i was tempted by the SLAMDUNK section of the game and straightaway went to the SlamDunk School.....however when I played the actual SlamDunk contest I saw the CPU players pull off some amazing moves....I went to the SlamDunk School again to...
  13. H

    problem regarding display in hl2

    hi all, this is a problem regarding a display of fps, in, out etc., in he bottom right corner in hl2, in all screens. so, how do i remove it?[/img]
  14. ashisharya

    How to make Windows XP Boot Screens?

    How can I make boot screens of Windows XP?
  15. E

    Diff betn WUXGA,UXGA & XGA

    hi guys can anyone tell me the difference among WUXGA,UXGA & XGA lcd screens
  16. L

    E3 2005

    The time has come....check out all the upcoming events.... Details from Gamespot.com 500 Games | 432 Stories | 2025 Screens | 309 Movies http://www.gamespot.com/e3/e3games.html
  17. ctrl_alt_del

    Call of Duty 2 Screens!

    Today I stumbled upon a discussion about Call of Duty 2 on a forum. On digging around, I found some screens and scan from the upcoming game. See for yourself! Here is a scan from a German mag with it's English version also: I wonder how I missed up on the news? Am I the only one...
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