1. P

    26 years old, need help in regaining studies.

    Dear, Digitians I left my studies in 2006 when I was in the 12 standard. My educational qualification now is HS 1st yr passed. Recently my uncle told me he would sponsor for my studies. I am 26yrs old now, and would really like to know, if its good to continue my studied at this age. Would...
  2. vishnov

    BCA maths vs Engg. Maths. whhich is tougher?

    guys can you tell me the level of difficulty of maths in bca course? is it as hard as engineering maths? and one more question too.. amongst bca,bba and bba which course has better future scope and has better chances of getting employed (after doing PG, obviously!) plz reply.
  3. F

    Scope of IT Infrastructure and Network Security in Industry

    What is the scope for IT infrastructure and Network Security in industry at present ? Are there more quality jobs available ?
  4. eggman

    What are good career options for someone with 3 years of Exp ?Higher study Noob here!

    I know it should be in career thread, but need to get answers quickly . I have to make a decision by tomorrow . About myself.. 10- 73 % 12 - 88 % BE - 75 % (from an ordinary college) Currently - Working in SAP Labs, 3 years exp. Salary : Around 8 lakh Issues : I work in a...
  5. nikhilsharma007nikx

    some advice about a 9thy !!!

    well im in 9th class and im a little cunfused about wat to take so want to get help i love architechture so i think i should take it but my mind goes towards medical science !! can u people suggest me about the courses and scope in both the fields !!! well i do make good drwaings and im a...
  6. J

    Scope of RHCE Certified Fresher in India

    Hi frndz, I am planning to do RHCE course, What is the scope and the chance for getting job?? Plz help
  7. D

    Is there any scope for Internet Marketing guys??

    In the Indian market is there any scope for internet marketing guys.If you know please let me know.
  8. savagepriest

    Embedded System or automation training

    hi, I have done, Btech in Electronics I have 5 years work experience as a RF Engineer but due to recent cut in jobs I am having problem finding job. I wish to pursue IT course please suggest me courses which have scope and are easily affordable. I have a certification in CCNA. I am not...
  9. amitash

    Job in India after Masters in the US

    Hey, Im planning to do my masters in CS from the USA but I really need to get back to India for a job as soon as I complete MS there.. What is the scope for this? Is it hard to get employment? What will be the pay like here after a masters?
  10. 1

    Scope of chemistry

    Hi everyone i got admsn into Bsc Chemistry from St stephens college, DU wat is its scope if i do Msc and Phd to go into research field. I dont want to go for teaching. Please advice
  11. Kishal

    which stream to take after 10th

    hi guys. I'm really confused on what subjects to take up in class XI. I wanna primarily go for PCM, but i'm equally interested in bio or CS or IP as the fourth subject.which one of these has the best scope . plz help me.....
  12. Gauravs90

    CSE vs IT which is better?

    What's the difference between Computer Science & Engineering and Information Technology? From those which is better course and has more scope? Thanks
  13. H

    Animation in dubai !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Whats the scope of animation in dubai !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. p_dude

    need some help

    hi i have decided to become a .net developer by doing mcsd can some one help me about what i can expect as a fresher in programming and how much scope i have to get a job as a fresher and also please mention the course duration for completing mcsd thank you.
  15. S

    Need suggestion regarding PGDCA course

    I have completed my this year..Now i want to do Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application from Punjab university..I want to know whether this course has a scope in the future & i will be able to get job?
  16. sourishzzz1234

    No to Softwares, anything else??

    Currently am a 2nd yr Computer Science and Engineering student studying in a private engineering college... I want to know if there is any other scope for a job other than in Softwares.... I mean in hardwares etc...... What studies can i do after completing my B.Tech?? And hardware related...
  17. T

    which stream for mba

    hi i going to appear in an mba entrance can anyone tell which stream has the good scope
  18. ╬Switch╬

    Electronics and Telecommunication vs Computer Science:

    Hi guys, as you know these are both good branches but I am confused about which one to go for. What are the differences in them? I mean what will be their general scope. And what ME/MTECH can I do after selecting any one of these? Thank you very much.
  19. MetalheadGautham

    Law as a career - Need Information

    I am appearing for the CLAT examination this year on May 17th for entrance to law universities. Law is my backup option, if I don't make it to a good engineering collage. Can somebody please tell me what scope does Law have as a career option ? I am more inclined towards corporate law than a...
  20. Plasma_Snake

    A suitable Birthday Gift???

    My neighbour's 8 year old kid is having his Birthday on 18th Feb and she has asked me to help her decide as to what to give to her son. I suggessted a PSP but it was out of budget so need something in a budget of 3-4K with scope of use in future too, can be a non-tech product too. BTW PSP does...
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