1. bhushan2k

    Motorola publishes Jelly Bean upgrade schedule..

    Source: Motorola forum
  2. buddyram

    Wordpress Schedule Single Event Bug!

    Hi Wordpress Geeks, I am a novice in Wordpress, was working on a schedule single event function(wp_schedule_single_event) wherein to update the database on a given time period. I am unable to set the wp_schedule_single_event function. Below are the code snippets which i followed to...
  3. Stuge

    Official ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 thread !

    Schedule ICC World Cup 2011 Schedule | International Cricket Fixtures | Cricket Schedule |
  4. Rahim

    Ubuntu to Become a Rolling Release

    Source So whats your opinions guys about this sudden shift? First, dumping GNOME for Unity, then XOrg Server for Wayland and now rolling release for Six-Month schedule. Ubuntu is shaking the Tree.
  5. D

    Internet Scheduler - MTS MBlaze & Cable Based Broadband

    i am using mts mblaze - a EVDO data card with night pack. on desktop i used bsnl broadband and i know RASDIAL thing. but as on mts mblz i need to dial no #777 i cant use d scheuler. i tried RASDIAL /? on cmd! but got confused and several trings fails to make the right script. so i am...
  6. gohan89

    Rapidshare scheduling???

    I am using Windows Vista Ultimate. I have the BSNL 500 Night unlimited plan. I want to download though free rapidshare links and i have the jdownloader. How do i schedule the jdownloader or any other software u say to start downloading at 2 am? Please tell me if any other way is possible.
  7. S


    hey friends i'am having a problem in scheduling torrents.I have BSNL 500combo plan & my connection type somethig like ethernet(wll it is always on). PLEASE tell me how to schedule from 2to8.I have searched the forum for scheduling solution BUT all of them are hard to understand especially how...
  8. Vivek788

    Scheduled login

    I use RTC from bios to boot to my ubuntu so as to download(done in cron) from 2-8 everyday.In between there is this login.How can i schedule a login.I don't want to remove login,as the last time I did it,one of my cousins accessed my system while I was asleep and as it was linux,messed up my...
  9. C

    Workout Schedule

    Age: 16 Weight: 62 kgs Height: 171cms Vacation time so thought of shaping up my body. Can't go to gym coz I won't be able to continue after like 2 months coz of hostel. So I need a workout schedule. Need to work on my belly and chest. So any guy here who goes or has gone to gym can tell me...
  10. Dark Star

    Fedora 10 Release Schedule

    Hardly a week past and Fedora developers came up with release schedule of their next major release fedora which will obviously feature the spanking new KDE 4.1 & Gnome 2.24 :) and other new software.. Source : Releases/10/Schedule - Fedora Project Wiki
  11. C

    Free time scheduling in Ubuntu

    Lets get the facts straight. Linux noob in here. Ok, now here is my query. I schedule downloads during the free time (2am to 8am) on my windows installation. Here is how it works. By 2:10am i get connected (using rasdial). By 2:11am, utorrent starts downloading. By 7:55am the pc is shutdown...
  12. sagardani

    How to schedule download??

    I've BSNL Home 500 plan which has unlimited download from 2am to 8am. Is there anyway to schedule downloading tasks (torrent) in this time? What I mean is- I will keep PC on and go to sleep. Can I schedule my download such that it will automatically connect and begin at 2am?? I will keep Bitlord...
  13. P

    Automating ftp downloads thru batch files

    how to schedule ftp downloads through batch file creation.I know there are third party softwares which helps us to do this automation,..but i want to do it through .bat files which i can schedule and have my purpose solved
  14. H

    Where is Bindass Movies Full Kegda Schedule ?

    Hi folks,:D As you all know UTV network has 2 bindass channels 1. Bindass, and 2. Bindass Movies. They are airing X-Flies in Bindass movies at 6pm weekdays, i want to see the schedule for any late night repeats. Now the site there is no mention about Bindass-movies I want...
  15. H

    Oh boy, this game is darn addictive!

    * Flash required. The game's name is Shuffle. Lovely, but don't look if you got work to do, else you'll end up in a schedule mess. :D
  16. JohnephSi

    Rapidshare schedule download

    Plz tell me how to schedule the rapidshare files to download. .
  17. M

    Intel's Future Plans

    Right after our talk with John Freude of AMD, we also had the opportunity to talk to Tim Bailey, Intel's APAC Director of Marketing about Intel's future plans. He touched on everything from the Penryn which is just-over-the-horizon to Intel's next-generation 32 nm process technology. Let's...
  18. Ron

    Schedule a particular task

    Guys...... How to Schedule a particular task Just after 20 minutes after My computer starts................ I want to Run this COmmand "shutdown -r -t 00" automatically after 20 minutes...I logon to my PC...................
  19. arunks

    ubuntu 6.10 released

    ubuntu 6.10 has been released on time as per ubuntu's schedule.
  20. thetopcyborg

    Schedule downloads in limewire

    hey all, i hv limewire pro 4.10...i want to schedule all my downloads at a specific time(2:00 a.m, to be precise) can i do that??? pls help... if it is not possible with limewire, then pls suggest me a P2P client which has this capability and has such a wide network......i dont want...
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