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  1. A

    Scanner Benq 4300U Repair advice needed

    Hi I have a Benq 4300U scanner. It recently stooped working when I left it powered overnight. Gave it to Benq Service centre who told mw that they don't have parts for this model. They told me that the fault is with teh PCB which sits on teh CCD. 1. can anyone suggest a repair centre in...
  2. P

    Help me plz.

    Hi! I m running Win XP Pro, Zone Alarm and Mcafee enterprise edition. Whenever I connect to internet my virus scanner detects a virus type bo:stack . Plz. help me i did a google seacrh and foud nothing. Thx!
  3. W


  4. dreams

    Printer cum Scanner!!!

    Hello all, I heard thr is a printer cum scanner Multifunction product in the market.. is it gud?? and which brand to go for.. Canon or HP?? and wat wil b the price?? I am frm chennai. TIA
  5. q3_abhi

    Is Printer + Scanner good???

    Is Printer + Scanner good??? What do u think??? Should i go for it???? Or should i buy separate one's. Any problems regarding printer+scanner?? Which one should i go for?/??
  6. A

    Scanner shootout ????

    Hi I am looking to buy a good scanner for Home use. It should be low cost & ideally I will prefer a Automatic document feeder. I request the followeing : 1. Pls guide me in which issue P Quest Scanner shootout published. I would prefer a weblink as I am a subscriber for past many years...
  7. A

    Floppy Media not recognised Plz help

    I have a floopy which has software used in GE CT scanner. When I use this floopy to my or any computer it says its media not recognised. would you like to format it? This floppy is in good condition because it works on CT scanner. Windows XP and Red hat linux couldn't recognise it. How can I...
  8. C

    buying scanner

    i want to buy a decent scanner ..just for scanning documents and photographs.I am just a student ...not for commercial pusposes. Condition is that it must be cheap but should still efficient. Value for money .
  9. M

    Port Scanner

    hi What is the use of Port Scanner.
  10. swatkat

    [Review] TrojanHunter

    Why Anti Trojan tools? Trojans open your PC from the inside to attackers, which enables the person/website who sent the Trojan to monitor your PC. Trojans come in various varieties; some of them are Downloader (which downloads the malicious programs without user's knowledge), RAT (Which allow...
  11. M

    my scanner not working

    last year i am purchasing hp2400 scanner.but now a days the scanner not working properly.wheni scaning a document some error show me the account( twain driver not working).and the scanner sound make a beep sound continuly.
  12. S

    Alternative for printer

    I have P IV 2.2 GHz, with 386 Ram, 80 GB Harddisk with 845 GL MB, Few months back, in our area power just shocked very badly, coz of lighting from tht day my printer and scanner ports are not working, i have 4 free USB ports, My question is can i get one printer to usb port I have...
  13. K

    suggest a scanner

    i am not a dtp worker just need a scanner for home use, pls suggest a budget scanner <3.5K
  14. K


    I would like to buy the best scanner for a PHOTO STUDIO at the cost of around Rs.7000/= or somewhat more. Can you recommend me a best and latest one for the purpose? I have sent you the matter as above three times to receive your reply. But I am very very sorry to say that neither your...
  15. dOm1naTOr

    HP Scanjet ROARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ive bought a new HP Scanjet 2400 scanner. It makes strange noise if I do someother task while scanning(like browsing or music) But if I closs everything nd run only the scanning everything,s cool. Whats the reason???? Ive p4 1.7,512mb,etc Should I get it repaired....But I think the...
  16. K

    scanner and OCR

    I would like to buy a scanner. It should be used for the capacity of the paper size (with matters or pictures) beyond somewhat A4 size. Can you recommend me a good scanner. Moreover, we should have any OCR to scan the pictures or printed matter with a view to edit them or for any other purpose...
  17. T

    Please suggest on buying a scanner.

    Hi all, I have made up my mind to buy a scanner. But the problem is I can't decide which scanner to buy. Right now I have zeroed upon two models. One is HP ScanJet 2400 which costs around Rs. 3,200/- and the other is Canon CanoScan 3200F which costs around Rs. 8,000/-. I really love the...
  18. Darthvader

    Humongous file sizes in scanning

    can anyone tell me why any scanned image file of 600 dpi occupies a huge space of my 200 mb on my new benq scanner
  19. sreevirus

    need help in configuring scanner and bluetooth in linux

    my scanner: BenQ 4300U current linux: SuSE 9.1 pro i'm not able to configure my scanner to work in linux...i have tried sane but it doesnt support my model. i have tried configuring it on both FC2 and SuSE(tried configuring it thru kooka) but failed. BenQ doesnt have any drivers for linux...
  20. S


    Hi all, I have taken the following HP & Epson Printer & Scanner Models from their websites. Should I go for a laser or an inkjet or a photo printer? Should I go for separate printer & scanner or all in one? Could somebody tell me the pros & cons along with their warranty & prices...
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