1. A

    Battery saving apps

    So far , I use "Purify" , one of the best batterr saving apps, it is great. But I wonder any other apps for saving battery life for android phone? My phone is xiaomi 5.
  2. gohan89

    Need views on the Following Home Appliances!!!

    I want to buy the Following Home appliances..Please give your views on the following and also suggest alternatives from other brands too. 1) AIR CONDITIONER Sharp -AH-XP18PMT / AH-X18PET / AH-X18PMV The PET model has a EER of 4.18.How good is it? My usage will be max 6-8 hours. How efficient...
  3. I

    Restart Not Working..

    Hi, My HP Desktop DX2255 is not restarting. I thought this as windows error,but same thing happens when BIOS settings are accessed (Exit Saving or Exit without Saving). Both cases wont proceed to windows but will stay blank(monitor blinking and fans moving properly).(every time i need to...
  4. B

    Android Battery Saving Tips without the task killers and battery saving apps

    Check out my article on saving Android battery after my experience using Galaxy S2 and Note, moving from Gingerbread to ICS version of Android OS, I realized Battery Saving Apps and Task Killers did not ensure all was taken care of.
  5. K

    Need Suggestion on Choosing Air Conditioner

    Hi All, I want to buy a Air Conditioner which is Highly Power Saving and as well as work on Low Voltage. My Room size is 10 x 10 (in Feet). I narrowed down 5 Star AC and as well as Inverter AC, some say Inverter AC is best bet. Kindly suggest me the following interms of Power Saving...
  6. sukesh1090

    monitor enteres power saving mode immediately after boot

    Guys yesterday when i changed my ram latency to 8-8-8-22 restarted the System but after restart the monitor shows power saving mode nothing happened even before once but that time it worked correctly after 2-3 restart.i checked monitor with other system and it is working fine.i removed...
  7. Zangetsu

    Income Tax Saving Discussion Thread

    Hi Guys, Most of us work & earn income. so I opened the thread for discussion on Saving Income Tax. I hope all the questions & doubts will be cleared here.... Q:How much amount one can save from Tax (from annual income)?
  8. deepakgates

    printing and exporting Gridview in

    hi guys i searched the web best i can but everything went straight above my head so what is the simplest and effective method to print gridview (with all pages) Also how to export it to excel is it possible to export it to excel (in memory) and print without saving excel file.:twisted:
  9. Y

    Help saving web page

    please help me in saving this page in internet explorer.i think i need some addons. * thanks
  10. linardni

    Saving .vcf files to mobile contact, how?

    I have hundreds of mobile contacts in my PC as business cards (.vcf files). How would I transfer them to "Contacts" of Nokia 6630 mobile other than by saving them one by one opening each card individually?
  11. S

    Text to speech reader

    Hi, I want a text 2 speech converter with support for reading pdf files and saving to wav or mp3 audio formats. Suggest to few names. Thanks.:grin:
  12. S

    saving websites

    well it's the same old question,but i have a new problem now :( i was saving some websites for learning from the internet through httrack,but some websites contain some youtube and google videos httrack dosen't seem to save these videos these videos are important and i want them to be saved...
  13. patkim

    Monitor Power Saving – Does not work!

    I have set the Home/Office power setting profile and set 2 mins to auto off monitor. However the monitor does not go into power saving after two minutes of idle time. The screen saver setting does work, however power saving does not somehow. I am wondering what’s wrong. Earlier it was working...
  14. I

    building a power saving pc

    Hi I want to build an e-pc (which save energy as much as possible:-D). But my requirements are as under 8) 6 No of SATA ports must 1 LAN port Wi-Fi 4 No of DDR-2 Can any one suggest me best power saving motherboard and processor???
  15. J

    Crysis game crashes while saving:help needed.

    hi, i have been playing crysis(1st edition) for past 7 days.for first 2 days it's working good.but now i have a problem.....while saving the game using F5 key or saving the game from the menu,the game suddenly quits. again while starting the game sometimes i can't even continue from...
  16. Ecko

    मदद चाहिए [Need Help] for Hindi Editing Software

    Guyz need a software that can edit & save the Hindi Fonts like the one written in title What I want to do is* Just copy the text from the title & paste it in a text & save it so that after reopening the file I get same text Tried it in Notepad but after saving the file it doesn't get saved the...
  17. Flashbang

    GTA 4 something i want to ask

    H ey i am going to buy gta 4 for my xps 1530 but do i need to have an always on internet connection for saving games or is it just required for activation ???
  18. Sukhdeep Singh

    Symbian Help Needed for Message send via Blueetooth

    Hi This other, me and my friends were on a trip. My friend clicked a few pics and sent them via Bluetooth. Now there are 100 Pics in Inbox. IS there a way to move them to Memory directly rather than saving 1 by 1 ?:confused:
  19. A

    outlook 2007 is not saving sent mails

    hi guys plz help me i have a laptop in which outlook 2007 is installed n its not saving my sent mails plz tell me how to do that..sent mail option are alrdy enable
  20. yesh1683

    My New PC is running slower than expected [Procy & RAM]

    Brought my brand new PC Config Motherboard- Gigabyte GA-EP31-DS3L * * this board overclocks to extreme and supports energy saving C2D E8400 2GB x 2 DDR2 800 Running in...
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