Restart Not Working..


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My HP Desktop DX2255 is not restarting.
I thought this as windows error,but same thing happens when BIOS settings are accessed (Exit Saving or Exit without Saving). Both cases wont proceed to windows but will stay blank(monitor blinking and fans moving properly).(every time i need to power off and again power on) (this cabinet do not have restart button too)


(Amd Athlon64 X2 / 2GB DDR2 /VIA Chipset / 320GB Sata / GeForce GT7300)
So you turn on the PC, it powers on and then stays at a black screen forever? Try pressing F8 during boot up and enter safe mode and see f it works.


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Boot in safe mode and see that what driver is causing the crash as in the safe mode it does not start in GUI but lists out all the drivers its trying to boot.So you will get a general idea of which driver is causing the problem.Also see that the battery on the MB is working well as all the settings are saved properly or not.Ok.

Another alternative is going for system restore in the safe mode which is best since it restores to the earliest possible restore point.Good luck with that.


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thank you both...

as i said earlier,this happens before windows (without any HDD ) also.

when we enter BIOS and change settings,we save and exit.That time pc restarts and go ahead...but this PC wont show any display and will keep all fans (CPU+Case) moving after i exit BIOS. Here i need power off completely from WALL Socket (or LONG PRESS POWER button) and then power on again and go ahead.
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