1. A

    How to port forward mine ip address which is dynamic

    how to do port forwarding to ip address i tried it but when i save and reboot public ip address changes as it is dynamic ip address
  2. Yoda

    Suggestion needed for AIO PC (Gaming)

    Hi, I'm thinking of buying an All In One PC for casual gaming. - Intel 6th Gen Core i5 - 1 TB HDD - Discrete Graphics Card - 21 Inch LCD Monitor - 8 GB RAM Budget: 40K to 50K (max.) AIO PC looks compact and can save lots of space on a desk or getting an assembled PC a better...
  3. nac

    Help: SSD

    About a year ago, I asked you guys for PC upgrade but I couldn't save up enough. So couldn't go for the upgrade. I have been hoping that I could save up and upgrade soon, but that didn't happen and I lost hope. Now thinking about going for SSD upgrade to speed up the performance of my old PC...
  4. ramakanta

    Save Online Book as .Pdf

    is there any Android software to save the online eBooks as .pdf format .thank you.
  5. F

    Ever added a font to tesseract?

    If yes please help me guys.. already wasted half day. I have no idea what to do and how to do.. Please make me a new trained language file for Tempus Sans Itc. with all characters.. ie. a1! letters, numbers, symbols.. I really need one. :-( If it works correctly, then you will save me. If...
  6. rohitshakti2

    Can't save google maps in android phone

    Hi I am trying to save maps on Moto E but am not able to find the settings to save the map for offline use. Please help. I have the latest maps apk installed. Regards
  7. windchimes

    How to save this embedded video into my laptop.?

    Guys, Here is a 1hour plus webinar , but I would like to save it onto my HDD and watch it later. * Any tool/way to save this file?
  8. stellar

    Buy N Save Pest

    IMy Browser is infected with buy n save adware. I am using google chrome and I have tried all the antimalware like spybot,malwarebyte,ad aware but still no success. After deleting in google chrome extension also it re surfaces again after after the browser is opened. Help on terminating this...
  9. P

    Mobile wifi gone!!!

    It started after I had done the time shifting to play injustice...I had gone it a few times...but after 4th wifi was not turning on!... I had to reset the phone. save files of games wer gone...but just as I was going to service centre I opened injustice and there was a cloud save...
  10. swatkats

    ACT Fibernet Bangalore New Broadband plans [2014]; As expected Crappy plans

    They seem be smoking nasty babaji ki booti now a days. What kind of BS is this. Save the world with 512kbps Internet once you hit FUP? and 256kbps which is not even Broadband according to India Govt.
  11. GhorMaanas

    an app to save youtube comments

    Hello members! many-a-times, it so happens, that while browsing through videos on youtube, you come across comments that have valuable info in them. i for example encounter this numerous times. for instance, am in the habit of browsing through retro and classic-rock/pop music videos and videos...
  12. GhorMaanas

    Suggestions requested for web/fb clippers, webpages saving & categorising softwares

    Hello everyone! am in need of a *free* software for the purposes stated in the subject. till a short time back, what i used to do was, i used to create various folders, categorywise, like 'news articles', 'PC Tech', 'youtube vids', 'weight training', and what-have-you, and various categories of...
  13. srkmish

    Wireless adapter disconnects if power is gone for more than 5 mins

    Hi friends, Due to frequent intermittent disconnections nowadays, if the power is gone for more than 5 mins, my wireless adapter does not connect to the router once it is restarted. Basically the adapter doesn't glow anymore. I think system puts it in standby or something. I was researching on...
  14. S

    Help!, Cannot find the save file location of Thief

    I am stuck on a spooky chapter and I dont want to play it anymore, I found a save file which is just after it, But the problem is I cannot find the save file location, I've searched the documents, Users>appdata also but i cannot find it any where. Does anyone know where is the god damn save file?
  15. R

    How to Save Image taken with Andorid cameria with Name "Date-Time" format instead of name DSC_0001

    Hello , any1 know a way to make android save picture taken via camera with Name like "Screenshot_2013-11-12-07-24-35" I find this very usefull for achieval purpose I am using Xperia SP Default Camera
  16. harshilsharma63

    Need backup software

    Hi. I'm currently using CrashPlan Free for backup on my home PC. But it lacks many features like real time backup and automatic backups. So now, I have decided to use another software. I'll run the backup on my home PC and save it to external hard disk. Both free and paid softwares are okay; all...
  17. Subhankar Mondal

    save me

    Today I am in big trouble. My LOCAL[C] drive is full with VIRUS. My pc specification- Hard disc=1 TB Local c drive= 40 GB Processor=core i 3. ram= 4gb OS=Windows 7 [but not original.] My antivirus= QUICK-HEAL TOTAL SECURITY 2013 [ORIGINAL]. Now the main problem is =In Local [C] drive/...
  18. Kl@w-24

    Mumbai bans lingerie-clad mannequins to save men from 'impure thoughts'

    Source: Mumbai bans lingerie-clad mannequins to save men from 'impure thoughts' - Telegraph Wow. Just wow. :banghead:
  19. Revolution

    Unable To Save SMSs to SIM Memory

    Hi, I have Nokia 2700C. I can't save SMSs to SIM. Could not found any setting. Use more than one SIMs so there is no way to know which SMS from which SIM. Any solution ?
  20. D

    Pdf problem plz help

    hello guys im a newbie in windows, earlier i used only mobiles for office work. please answer the below queries 1) i want to copy Text from a webpage say(any info like profile or resume) and create a PDF file for the same. 2) i have downloaded adobe reader from, how to create a...
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