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About a year ago, I asked you guys for PC upgrade but I couldn't save up enough. So couldn't go for the upgrade. I have been hoping that I could save up and upgrade soon, but that didn't happen and I lost hope. Now thinking about going for SSD upgrade to speed up the performance of my old PC. Problem is I only have two sata slots and both of 'em are already been used up by DVD and HDD.
Is this wise to go for SSD upgrade now with this limitation? and
Would my old motherboard support this 3.0/6.0 gbps speed? and
Which one you would suggest? Cheaper the better - Samsung 850 EVO is expensive ~ 5000, Sandisk SSD Plus and Kingston V300 costs ~ 3500/-

Use: Basic home/office works like documents, music, video, browsing and image editing.

Current config:
Pentium Dual core E2160 @ 1.8
P5G MX with 3gb RAM


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Your SSD upgrade will be limited by the Motherboard you are using.
You will limited to using SATA 3.0 Gbps and you will not use the full potential of any latest SATA 6.0 Gbps SSD. So its better to upgrade your CPU then jump onto the SSD band wagon.
Your motherboard most likely has SATA 3 Gbps ports instead of the newer 6 Gbps ports. This can be a bottleneck for the SSD. Moreover, adding SSD will only decrease program load times, not the actual performance.


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Thanks guys... Even if I buy one, I have to live with the limitation :(
Now 6th Gen processor is launched and the price is a lot more than 4th Gen. My old PC is nearly 8yrs old, eventually I have to upgrade in the near future. Just that I don't know exactly when...
Why do I think I need 6th Gen? Anyhow I am not gonna upgrade it for another 5-10yrs, why settle for an older technology. Do you think is it right to think this way? or should I stick with 4th gen? 4th or 6th, it's not gonna happen right away.
Getting all the things in one go is not possible for me. So the reason I am getting things one by one. I thought I can go for SSD now and get cpu+mb+ram later. If not SSD, the next in line is smps. Should I stick with the one suggested a year ago - Antec VP450p or Corsair VS450 suggested in 30k config or something else keeping in mind that I will upgrade in not so distant future.
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