1. ranjitsd

    NVIDIA TEGRA K1 Tablet Serious Sam 3 Gaming Demo

    serious sam running on the TAB *
  2. krishnandu.sarkar

    Happy Birthday Sam :)

    Happy Birthday Sam, Zangetsu, sidcrimson, sharang :) Many many happy retuns the day :) Keep us and TDF updated with Mobile Technologies :)
  3. S

    AMD SWITCHABLE GRAPHICS ISSUE driver installation failure?

    i am using an dell inspiron 3521 with both intel HD 4000 and amd radion 7670 on WINDOWS 8. After some malfunctioning i re-installed my OS .Now when i try to install AMD graphics driver , IN THE MIDDLE OF INSTALLATION my computer restarts after a BLACK SCREEN (BSOD).:? i tried downloading...
  4. anirbandd

    Serious Sam 4 - Confirmed!!!!

    Serious Sam Humble Weekly Bundle to Fund Serious Sam 4 Croteam has confirmed that it's working on Serious Sam 4, the next installment in the shooter series, and that, in order to get more funds for the game's development, it's now offering a special Serious Sam franchise sale on the Humble...
  5. Mr. Officer

    Upgrading from Spice Mi410 - Need help in choosing a new phone !!

    Hi All, Currently using Spice Mi 410 a.k.a (Huawei Ideos X6) with custom ICS Rom, phone's 2 yrs old and started showing its age (it always had its share of problems from the beginning). Off Topic - Bought a LG Optimus One P500 for wifey at the same time, which is also on custom ICS Rom...
  6. krishnandu.sarkar

    Happy Birthday Sam, Zangestu

    Happy Birthday :)
  7. Sarath

    [Index] User Reviews & feedback for Mobile phones

    A compilation of the Reviews and Feedback of Mobile phones by TDF members Entry Level * by Tenida Below 5k * by Sam...
  8. krishnandu.sarkar

    Happy Birthday Sam & Zangestu

  9. Pratz993

    Need suggestions to overclock graphic card

    My config: Motherboard - Intel DH55TC Processor - Intel i3-530@ 2.93GHz PSU - Powero 450W Moniter - Samsung 21'' Magic Eco Graphic Card - Sapphire HD5670 512MB GDDR5 regarding how to overclock it.. @Top_Gear and Sam thanks for helping me buy this card within my...
  10. NewsBytes

    Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter

        Serious Sam: The First Encounter was originally released in 2001 by the now defunct publishers Gathering of Developers. The game was a runaway success due in part to its wicked sense of humor and partly due to developer’s fresh take on what had become a tired genre. This game was...
  11. R

    Happy Birthday - samridh94 aka Sam, haider_up32, risrockz

    haider_up32 (22), risrockz (17), samridh94 (15) Happy Birthday... Especially to Sam :p Cyberjunkie misses you on IRC. :p
  12. hjpotter92

    Sam and Max

    In Sam and Max Hit the Road, they do a lot of talking. And it can't be stopped. Is there anyway to skip the cutscenes, the chats and the videos?
  13. H

    Windows Drive not ready

    Hi am getting this message The drive is not ready; its door may be open plz check the drive\Device\hard disk\DR22 & make sure that a disk is closed. And one more problem is that when ever i got to task manager i get this message Sorry Sam and it will close i dont no who is this sam i have...
  14. I

    Virus!!! Urgent help required

    There is a virus which says not to use Mozilla and use IE instead. I have read a few solutions but none of them is working as the SAM virus says "Why do you want to open the Task Manager, everything is running fine".. What should I do??
  15. iinfi

    The lion will roar no more ... but the thousand lions he created will roar forever...

    The lion will roar no more .. but the thousand lions he created will roar forever... Manekshaw: A soldier who created a nation Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw is no more
  16. Cyrus_the_virus

    SAM Linux Desktop shows promise

    By Preston St. Pierre on February 12, 2008 (9:00:00 AM) SAM Linux Desktop, an Xfce-fronted distribution based on PCLinuxOS, aims to be a complete and modern desktop...
  17. L

    MUST SEE Tamil movie: Yaarukku yaro, Sam Anderson HERO

    OMG, If you havn't seen this movie... please see it!! You can console yourself that this is the worst!!! Unfortunately, the movie is only in tamil... This superhit movie will be dubbed/even remade sooner or later I guess.. Otherwise.. bollywood is seriously missing a spicy one! to give a clue...
  18. Faun

    Sam Fischer strangled Gordon Freeman

  19. rayne

    [Spoilers] Transformers

    Before you read the blabber, i must warn about minimal spoilers which may ruin your excitement while watching the movie. The film opens with narration about a war between alien races and their link with a planet called earth. the first encounter of humans with transformers was a...
  20. cynosure

    Serious sam problem.

    I have just installed serious sam the first encounter on my PC. The problem is that after I finish one of the levels, I am sent back to the same level instead of the next one. This problem is happening only with this level (The Dunes). I searched google but there aint any answer. Help me in...
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