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  1. TheLetterD

    Theme/Analog Clock for Nokia Asha S40 Device (Asha 206)

    Hello Im looking for a standby analog clock for my Grand dad's Nokia Asha 206. Can you tell me where can I find one? I want it to be a STANDBY/screensaver clock and not an app. Or maybe a theme which is neat(uncluttered) and has an analog clock screensaver? Ive tried looking in the Nokia Ovi...
  2. cacklebolt

    Best .mpg player for S40 [Urgent]

    I am new to S40 just using it on a temporary basis while my android gets some rest. I have a really good video on my phone which is in .mpg format which unfortunately is not supported by my phone. Can anyone tell me which is the best video player for playing such files in my phone??
  3. R

    exporting contacts from S40 to Android 2.3, 4 (ICS)

    Guyz i m using Nokia 5130 xpress music from last 4 yrs .. and now today m going to buy a new android phone either 2.3(GB) or 4.0.4 (ICS) .. so definately i want to import contacts to my new phone basically huge amount of contacts to my new phone and i don't have a clue that how do i do this ...
  4. koolent

    Needed: Forum Management App for s40

    It is madness to turn on Opera Mini as whenever you want to visit TDF and watch the pages load. Is there any app for s40 which pulls out the latest threads and updates as soon as I start it ? Please suggest it to me. :)
  5. A

    how to make mobile games without programming

    we have got different free software to make games for pc without programming. can we do it for mobile? i mean i want a software to develop java apps and games for mobile without programming. i want to focus of Nokia s40 apps. since publishing the apps i Nokia store is cheap. and also since i...
  6. ssk_the_gr8

    software to screen numbers in symbian s40

    guys i need a software to screen/block calls from certain numbers in symbian s40. is it possible? if it is then please suggest
  7. izzikio_rage

    video on an s40 nokia phone

    Hi guys can anyone help me get a player for a nokia s40 pnone (6275 the one given with a RIM connection). need something simple that can run videos and allows you to forward the video. thanks in advance
  8. MetalheadGautham

    Upgrading S40 v5, FP` to S40 v6

    I have a nokia 5130 XpressMusic with Nokia OS Series 40 5th edition, feature pack 1. Is there any way I can upgrade it to 6th edition ?
  9. suzy

    Unlocking Micro SD Card..

    Hello every1, A friend of mine has got this problem. She has forgotten her SD memory card password. And her phone is built on s40 platform. Is there a way 2 resolve this? In fact, i learned a way to locate d password. It's by using FExplorer. But it works on s60 platforms. If it works, then...
  10. hellraiser

    Best SMS Monster Phone ?????

    Hey folks!!! I use to send SMSes(very huge mailing list..... near about 100 at a time). I am using s60 nokia n73 phone and i wanna chage my phone... Recently i found that s40 device is much better in case of SMSes junkies.. Reasons- 1. s60 device use to write a single SMSes per...
  11. koolbluez

    I need more outta a Nokia 6300... how?

    I've a Nokia 6300 (Dad's). S40 3rd Edition. I think S40 has no software available.. right. Point me to 1, if available ;) What can I do to maximise it's potential? Well, I've been using the N95 8GB from a year... so I was like yukk... about this phone. But still, I saw quite a few rave reviews...
  12. vinaych

    Opera Mini 4 and Nokia 5300 (s40) - Connection Error

    Hello, I have a problem connecting Opera Mini 4 on my Nokia 5300. My connection is Spice Telecom (Karnataka) Opera mini 3 works very fine on my phone. But, I don't know what, mini 4 doesn't connect at all!! I've heard that this is a problem with all s40 3rd Edition phones. Has anyone had any...
  13. F

    does s40 support sis file

    can any one tell that s40 support sis file . 5310 and 5610 are of s40 so will they support sis file so that i can install xvid player in it. thank u
  14. ilugd

    Nokia 3110 Classic or SE W200i

    I am planning to buy one of these two phones as they have most of the features i need. MP3 player, Camera, Video Playback, FM Radio, PC Sync and so forth. It is within my budget too. I am however a bit confused as to how to install applications in both. It seems they both support java though...
  15. R

    A battery info software for 5300 java

    could anyone suggest a java app for seeing the battery % for my s40 v3 5300 phone
  16. clmlbx

    Series 40

    I Want To Buy A New Phone Under 8 K And I Decided To Go For Nokia 5300 Xpress Music But Only One Draw Back Is That It Is S40 Based Phone . But It Has Java . So Is There Any Apps For S40 . Do Default Apps Fullfill Our Needs . Means Video , Music ,camera Etc . It Has Java So Can I...
  17. go4saket

    Difference in Symbian S40 & S60 series???

    Hi guys! What is the difference in Symbian S40 and S60 series phones? I heard that one cant install any softwares ina S40 series phone. Is it true??? Chao...
  18. go4saket

    Nokia 5300 Or Nokia 3250???

    Hi guys! Please help me to decide weather should I go for Nokia 5300 or Nokia 3250. Apart from looks, features, camera quality and music quality is what matters to me the most. Nokia 5300 is a S40 series phone while Nokia 3250 is a S60 series phone. What exactly is the difference between...
  19. go_gamez

    nokia 6270 S40 APPLICATIONS

    i ve got a new nokia 6270 ...after usin i learnt tht i can put other *.sis applications it cauz ithas some S40 platform..does this mean i cant put any xtra applications ? or is there any site or has someone released softwares and allpications for this type moblie also... plzz tell me what to...
  20. S

    Forget Digicam, suggest HandyCam

    I want oto buy a Digital Camera. Budget 12K. I have so far selected Sony DSC S40, silver best buy in digit. Any more suggestions??
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