1. S

    Pulsar 200ns RPM problem!!!Help needed.

    Hi, i have a pulsar 200ns. one day while parking my bike fell down on its right side in a wet mud covered land.. i didn't observe any damage to the bike as it was a extremely soft and thick mud. then after coming home i did a water service to clean the bike... now the RPM meter is going up and...
  2. A

    Laptop temperatures

    Hi guys, what temperatures of CPU, GPU is fine for idle laptops? 1070 runs at 54 degrees while browsing 10 chrome tabs @ 2100 rpm fan speed. i7 6700HQ runs at 61 degrees while browsing 10 chrome tabs @ 2100 rpm fan speed. I have a setting to max out my fan speed(4800 rpm), when I do this, in...
  3. M

    WD Blue Query

    I bought a WD Blue 1 TB 5400 rpm (model WD10EZRZ) hard drive today. My requirement is gaming and not planning to have an SSD. I actually ordered WD Caviar Blue 1 TB 7200 rpm (model WD10EZEZ). The dealer is telling Caviar Blue is obsolete and not available. Dealer is ready to replace with...
  4. R

    Urgently needed 2 TB. internal hard drive

    Hi friends, Urgently needed a 2TB drive for desktop. Main purpose is gaming. I will also install os in that drive. WD blue is not available anywhere in local shops. Only green @ 5300 and purple @5700 and red is available. All are 5400 RPM drive I think. 7200 RPM is available in...
  5. scavanger007

    help in purchasing 1tb internal hdd

    Hello guys, My current seagate seems to have stopped working. The bios screen gets stuck at detecting storage devices when i turn the pc on . However, the pc boots fine when i disconnect this hdd. Anyways i m planning to buy new 1tb hdd. So kindly guide. Budget approx 4.5k. I was going for wd...
  6. TechPrince

    CM Hyper TX3 EVO Fan rattling at high RPM

    Hello, I purchased this cooler 21 months ago. Now it has started making rattling at high RPM. Whenever the fan reaches 2400+ rpm, rattling starts. Now if i touch the fans side, rattling goes away for a while then comes back. After this point, fan rattles at >= 2000 rpm OR when fans RPM falls...
  7. C

    Best Linux distro for maya n nuke

    I rarely cn linux on ( friends ) desktop. so i don't know anything about it. i want linux in my desktop for graphics work (Maya, nuke, 3ds max, vray) but i don't know which linux distro is more suitable or should i say most stable for rendering & productivity work & drivers availability. after...
  8. R

    Lenovo B480 Vs Lenovo G580(Which is better)??

    Hello All, Going for my first laptop in a few days, not having a great budget but since I don't need it for gaming and all those graphic intensive tasks, i think 30-33k should suffice. Did my research and basically things come down to these two although I am completely open to others which...
  9. D

    Suggestions for the "QUIETEST" PSU

    Dear Sir, I wish to purchase a PSU for my system. With the help of PSU finder was able to find PSUs in the range of 500-650 W. I was unable to determine which one was best for me. I want the "QUIETEST" PSU for my PC. Please note:- 1) I never overclock my system and always run all components...
  10. T

    Upgrading Laptop Harddrive

    I recently bought a high end Samsung NP550 Laptop (core i17 3610QM, 8GB,GT 650M). But it has a 5400 rpm hard drive which is causing the system to be slow. See my previous post I am looking for upgradation to a fast Harddrive (Not SSD). Can anyone suggest which is the fastest laptop hard drive...
  11. B

    5900 RPM western digital HDD drive - query

    i shortlisted below for my need... WD Caviar Green 2 TB Desktop Internal Hard Drive (WD20EARX) | Internal Hard Drive | Flipkart.com Can i use it as my primary drive? Some said that 5900 rpm drives are not suitable for primary drives..........
  12. R

    Advice on Assembling a Rig

    Hi :-), I am looking to assemble a desktop. Currently, I am in Delhi but can pay for the shipping charges. My primary needs - Architecture Software (these are heavy), some video rendering, Gaming As for the config I am looking at: I7 3rd Generaltion (Ivy Bridge ones) 16Gb Ram (Corsair DDR3...
  13. N


    How would you rate the gt650m for high end gaming? And, is it in any way inferior to the old gtx 260m? Am asking this because i'm getting a replacement m14x for my m15x. Other specs are way better in the m14x. Just want to know about the graphics. Comparasion between these two might seem silly...
  14. K

    CPU Cooler for Intel Pentium 4 HT 3.4 GHz (Prescott)

    For the past 6 years my Intel Pentium 4 (550) HT 3.4 GHz (Prescott) CPU Cooler was working fine, for the past couple of months the fan speed is not able to cross 2000 RPM while previously it use to idle at 3500 RPM and go as much as 4100 RPM at high loads. Now the CPU core goes at 78 degree...
  15. devx

    [Want to Buy] HDD Required

    Greetings., I need to buy a HDD whether it's OLD or NEW., - Older drives preffered. - It should be equals to 320 gb or more than it. - Seagate / WD both brands are acceptable. - It shouldn't be older than a year. - 5700 Rpm drives is not a problem but 7200 Rpm would got preference. -...
  16. clmlbx

    heatsink at 4000+ RPM on 40-45c

    my processor is listed in my signature running at stock speed with stock cooler . my processor temp is 45c with just 10-15% load but fan runs at 4200+ RPM and it is very noisy....even at best it runs at 3200+ RPM ... what might be the problem ?
  17. T

    Money which can be fetched by selling this pc

    How much money would i get on selling this pc : Compaq SG3540IL Desktop pc, 1 gb ddr2 800mhz ram (supports upto 4 gb), dual core 2.2 ghz, 320 gb sata 2.0 7200 rpm hdd , xfx geforce 7300se , 24x dvd ram, HCL 17" lcd monitor.
  18. blackpearl

    Best laptop for multitasking under Rs30K

    I'm looking for a laptop under Rs 30K. My primary usage will be surfing and word processing, but I will be multi tasking like hell. 40+ browser tabs, Windows Live Writer, a Feed Reader, Picasa and may be music playing in the background. I don't game. I want a laptop will pure processing power...
  19. H

    cpu fan speed

    hiii i have a problem with my cpu fan speed when i turn on then cpu speed is 990 rpm and after one or two hours it goes up to 1365 rpm maximum and i have noticed 870 rpm minimum. so please tell me what is the problem and suggest me i have core2duo E7500 2.93ghz
  20. samaresh7

    80gb/160gb or any SATA 7200 rpm hdd

    without any bad sectors.working properly.
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