HomePlug AV (IEEE 1901) ????----N00B question


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hello guys

i want to know some detail about the HomePlug AV devices

that is they r sold in pairs; first being a base station and second being at the receiving end....
thats is ok if there is only one location we need to get network access...

i want to know if i need to have network access at 3 or more places simultaneously then would i need to buy 3 pairs for one pair and 2 more receivers...
for example if i have 3 places--
2 bedrooms and
1 living room
the router is situated in drawing room, then
i connect one pair to router and any 1 room over powerline
for the other 2 rooms do i need to buy 2 more pairs or just 2 receivers which can connect to the device connected to router

please help me guys

for info on HomePlug Alliance please visit *www.homeplug.org/ .... it is their official website


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i am not aware of any such solution available in India.these solutions are created keeping advanced European/US market in mind.most likely this will not work in India.


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Well thanks white star for quick reply
the items r listed on eBay from local sellers also many manufactures have listed them on their websites for India....so I think they r available in India and are made for Indian AC voltage and frequency....

So coming back to my question anyone tried it first hand and also can we connect other single units to the base device


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ebay is not a reliable source for such info.contact the company itself through email to confirm because i never even heard of someone using such network here in India.


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These work, but let me warn you about a couple of things -
1. These are very much wiring dependent - You might have lets say independent wiring for a particular room, or lets say, wiring for one of your bedrooms is branching off a junction box from your living room, in such cases, do NOT expect these to always behave as expected [you plugin one end in the hall and the other at the bedroom plug and yet there is no network - such "surprises" will be plentiful;]
2. You better be living at a place where voltage fluctuations are non-existent to minimal; otherwise, be prepared for FREQUENT network disconnections even with the slightest voltage ripple.

To be frank, there would probably be very few residences in India where these can be effectively used .... hmm, maybe at Antilla ;)
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