1. aal-ok

    Gta sa multiplayer

    can someone please tell me a good gta sa mp server near india in english language preferably role playing with about 60+ players?
  2. max_snyper

    Can we shift from application support to development role...?

    Hey guyz, Im a B.E in CSC branch, with my engg i did course in the mean time...and landed on a application support role. I'm intermediate in programming skills(i'm working on it), But i would like to be a programmer in the near future.Can i shift from a support role to a...
  3. S

    What are the role of a CPU and GPU in relation to gaming

    Hi Guys, Having this question for a long time now. Tried to google but to no avail. While browsing through the threads, people have suggested CPUs which are good for gaming. But isn't the GPU responsible for rendering the graphics ? What exactly are the role of a CPU and GPU in relation...
  4. vickybat


    Hi everyone Currently doing an internship in ITC Infotech on siebel 8.1 crm.Need some more info on it and the prospects it has. Basically looking for a configurator role. Guys any queries about siebel can be posted in this thread and your suggestions are most welcome.
  5. Faun

    Fictional (anime) characters cannot be role models ?

    During my training in Wipro today I had a session of some kind of personality development and all that process. And then we were asked to write the name of role model. I would have chosen Joker as the role model but refrained from doing so (for obvious reasons) and selected Batman :lol: But...
  6. D

    Role of Youth in Becoming Super Power

    What is the Role of youth in building one country to superpower. Just asking your opinions and comments. Need to write an essay. Your help will be very much appreciated.
  7. NucleusKore

    Nokia eyes wider usage of Linux in cellphones

    The world's top handset maker Nokia Oyj expects the role of the Linux operating system in its product portfolio to increase as the role of its Internet-focused devices grows, company officials said. Linux has so far had little success on cellphones, but its role is increasing as more new...
  8. Gigacore

    Anil Kapoor Caught By Cops

    Anil Kapoor was caught roaming around in a “burqua’’ by the cops. When Anil Kapoor revealed his identity, the cops from delhi were shocked big time. Seeing Anil Kapoor in a women’s outfit did get some of their minds thinking. Does Anil Kapoor have a fetish for wearing feminine clothes???? Was...

    Whuz shoes wud u like to step into?

    If given a chance to act,, which role in a particular movie wud u like to play?..... my choice is: Aamir's role in sarfarosh,,, or russel crowe's in gladiator....
  10. *GandaBerunda*

    What is the Role of Technology in Business world?

    how is technology helping us in business?
  11. mailtorahul007

    Rate the Indian Bowlers....

    With the 20 20 matches getting more n more intersting.....rate our main bowlers who plays a very major role in te matches... Pls put the scores out of 10....
  12. paragkalra

    Aamir Khan may go bald

    Not to make any fashion statement but for his role in a forthcoming film, Aamir Khan may go bald soon. If Aamir can grow long tresses to play the revolutionary Mangal Pandey, then he can do the opposite and shave his head for another movie if the role requires it. Yes, the actor, known for his...
  13. Shloeb

    Guild Wars

    I am confused abt this game. Is this strictly a online game? Or we can play single player too? Does it have any campaigns like other role playing games?
  14. aryayush

    The Oscars (79th Annual Academy Awards)

    Hello! :) I am surprised there isn't a thread about this yet (yes, I have checked). Here is the list of Oscar winners: - 79th Annual Academy Awards - Winners There are two types of movie buffs out there, those who love most Oscar movies and those who hate movies that make it...
  15. anandk

    Has Hrithik Roshan been offered 'Rambo 4'?

    Hrithik Roshan , who flaunted his magnificent physique to the hilt in Dhoom 2has reportedly been offered lead role in 'Rambo 4'. 'Rambo 4', is the fourth one in Rambo series played by Hollywood star Sylvester Stallone over the years. According to sources, Hrithik has been offered the role...
  16. D

    what is the role of paste used below the processor?

    hi, i want to know Y we are using the paste below the processor
  17. R

    Role Playing Games???

    Hi guys.... I'd like to know what are "role playing games".....Can u name a few 'Good' games of this genre!!! regards raj
  18. A

    Honour thy game!

    The games you would have played must have given you a thrilling experience.Your daily doze of adrenaline are your favourites.So you must have respect for them. :P My ones are: (i)Tribes 2:This awesome game gives me punches of excitement and the best thing in it is that even being a...
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