1. akhilc47

    Lag only when connected through router ethernet cable

    Hi, I'm getting lag when I'm connecting PC to my router (using RJ45, not wifi). If I remove router and directly connect RJ45 cable from ISP to my PC, works just fine, but then I wouldn't get wifi for my other devices. This is strange since this setup was working fine until recently. I...
  2. akhilc47

    Suggestion for router with RJ45 input

    Hi, Budget:2k (good suggestion even if slightly more pricey are also ok) I've upgraded my internet connection and the new one has RJ45 connector and I need a decent router(with wifi) to connect that cable. I'd like to a decent level of customization and good range. New connection is...
  3. anirbandd

    RJ45 ISP cable works with Laptop, but not with Desktop

    Hi All, I have a Spectranet connection which gave us a RJ45 cable directly from the ONT box. That cable is used in a Beetel A7777 WiFi enabled router for providing internet access to all wireless device in our home. I used an HP Pavilion G6-2303TX Laptop, which used to detect the internet...
  4. S

    alliance broadband switching to coaxial cable modem

    I have recently seen alliance broadband connections in the neighbourhood being switched to cable modem. Earlier a single RJ45 cable would reach the customer which he could connect to a router or the LAN port of the computer, configure the static ip and he would be ready to connect. Now, the RJ45...
  5. seamon

    RJ45 cord.

    Guys, suggest me a good long(3 metres+) RJ45 cord for TP Link-W8968+Lenovo Y500. Cash on Delivery would be preferred.
  6. S

    Any router that can work on RJ11 as well as RJ45 input?

    Hi, I need to buy a router. Is there any router that can work on RJ45 connections (DSL broadband) as well as RJ11 connections (RJ11 ADSL eg. BSNL) so that I won't need to buy another router if the connection type changes? Thanks.
  7. S

    Suggestion for RJ45 splitter?

    Hi, Currently I am using BEAM broadband for my desktop that doesn’t have modem and getting the connection through a RJ45 wire. Now I got a laptop too and I want to get internet on laptop and desktop both simultaneously. Should I use a RJ45 splitter for the same? I don’t want to spend much for...
  8. gxsaurav

    ADSL Modem + Router needed

    First of all I am a networking noob. My knowledge is limited enough to identify which cable goes where. That is all. So, I need to give a Wireless ADSL2+ Modem at home for my family to use BSNL broadband. I have seen many of this type which take input as Phone cable (RJ 15) and then give 4...
  9. P

    how to use adsl modem with Hathway BB

    Recently I shifted my home and in the new locality I am unable to get any ADSL 2+ BB provider. I am having an iBall Baton ADSL2+ router (iB-WRA150N ver 2.0) which has now became obsolate due to unavailability of ADSL 2+ connection. The only provider available in my locality is HATHWAY BB but...
  10. patkim

    can I join CAT5 LAN cable!!

    Hi, The exisiting LAN cable from ISP has RJ45 which plugs into the LAN socket on PC. I need a patch LAN cable to extend it to the new PC location in the house. However what I am getting is RJ45 at both ends. does ordinary wire join (color code to color code) work in this case?? Direct join...
  11. S

    HELP: Laptop RJ45 port damaged

    Hi The RJ45 (ethernet) port of my studio 15 laptop has been damaged (the connections have come off). Is there anyway it can be fixed or does the entire motherboard have to be replaced? What alternatives do I have?
  12. C

    RJ45 not getting plugged in cable

    I am facing this peuculiar problem. I installed a shielded cable for networking purpose (only 2 computers) but the cable is little thick 4 pairs are not going in the plug. I have tried many plugs of many make including d-link. I need this wire as it is very strong and good for across the...
  13. red dragon

    wireless router

    Friends,I want to buy a wireless router to create a home wireless network,i have one desktop which will be wired,one laptop and one phone with wifi,my isp is the local cable operator who provides connection through cable modem (rj45 jack)so i basically need a router with a rj45 in and out...
  14. MenTaLLyMenTaL

    Configuring UPS for night-time downloading

    I've searched for some time on google but dint find answers. 2 days back i noticed my UPS has a serial port (RS232) and also two LAN ports (RJ45). The brand is Champion. That excited me coz I've been wanted to do the following since ages - 1) If there's power-failure: Shutdown PC. Turn off...
  15. maddy_in65

    Connectivity problem

    I just have taken BSNL BB connection. I have vista and i am using Netgear DG834G router cum modem for connectivity. I have strange problem, i cant connect to internet when i use router as modem using RJ45 cable but now i am able to connect it wirelessly. When i go to the setting page i see i am...
  16. milnniki

    Network Problem

    Hi Buddy i m forgoting to connect CAT5 cable to RJ45 like there r four wire in CAT 5 if i want to join peer to peer network then which color first in RJ45 plz help me ..
  17. A

    Networking Issue

    Networking Issue Didnt know where to post so sorry if its a wrong place I & my friend wants to share my broadband connection. we calculated the CAT5 cable requied about 200 ms n cost upto 2000 Rs its heavy for us plus a hub is required(additional). I have heared about RJ11 to RJ45 &...
  18. D

    Using HP Color LaserJet 2600n in GNU/Linux

    Hello Friends,plz guide me to Install HP Color LaserJet 2600n Printer (Ethernet Interface) in following Distros-Fedora Core 3+,Mandriva 10+,OpenSuSe,Ubuntu 6 LTS ETC. The printer has both RJ45 & USB 2.0 interface, but will be used in LAN with the RJ45.
  19. mediator

    Connecting 2 PC's with...

    I got 2 PC's and want to connect to internet, share files on both. I got an ethernet RJ45 cable.Can u explain me how to do that? pLEASE EXPLAIN IN DETAIL!
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