Configuring UPS for night-time downloading

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I've searched for some time on google but dint find answers.

2 days back i noticed my UPS has a serial port (RS232) and also two LAN ports (RJ45). The brand is Champion. That excited me coz I've been wanted to do the following since ages -

1) If there's power-failure: Shutdown PC. Turn off UPS also so that it doesnt make the irritating beeps.
2) If power is back, start UPS and start PC also.

Is it possible to do this?
Is the serial port used for it or the RJ45?

I hope someone has done something like this coz there is a power crysis in our country and many ppl here must be into downloading at night.

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The serial port (RS232) on the UPS is to connect it to pc so there is proper power management via Windows or UPS software( Whatever your platform).
The Two Lan ports there are for Surge and Earthing protecting.

I have a UPS and Inverter battery backup so i am mostly downloading 24/7 with out interruption.
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