Networking Issue

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Networking Issue

Didnt know where to post so sorry if its a wrong place

I & my friend wants to share my broadband connection.

we calculated the CAT5 cable requied about 200 ms n cost upto 2000 Rs
its heavy for us plus a hub is required(additional).

I have heared about RJ11 to RJ45 & RJ45 to RJ11 converters, is it possible to use these converters n use a normal telephone line to setup network.

distance between our houses is about 100 meters.

what i am thinking is


is this possible

if not is there any other economical solution to our problem


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try buying a router, this is the best solution for sharing a single BB connection. They are far superior that the modems. Along with it you get a lot of configuration options. I think there is a D-link 3000 or something like that. Once you have a router, you will not need a firewall in your system as well. Ask you service provider if you can use the router on their network.
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