1. kg11sgbg

    Want to get rid of Proxy Server by disabling it within Internet Explorer 11

    The IE11 on my Windows 10 is always reset and activated to whenever I open the IE11. I had to manually deactivate by unchecking the Proxy Server statements checkbox every time. Otherwise websites/webpages tends to unopen by showing error message of proxy server. How do I get rid of...
  2. chimera201

    BSNL redirecting randomly to mail.bsnl.in

    This has been going on for a few months BSNL Broadband is randomly redirecting users to their webmail service‽ • BSNL Broadband • India Broadband Forum Any way to get rid of this?
  3. A

    How do you clean your laptop and keep it dust free ?

    I regularly wipe the screen,keyboard and touchpad with a soft cloth.What are the other measures that can be taken for getting rid of the dust inside the laptop. What kind of cleaning routine do you follow ? Cheers! Abhijit
  4. 7shivam9

    How to Get Rid Of DLLHOST.exe

    There is something strange going on in my PC since I have reinstalled it . a dllhost.exe process is automatically starting and its Consuming hell hot of memory. Some times Whenever PC lags I close it instantly .. but sometimes When im watching movie PC goes Blackscreen and dosent respond...
  5. sohan_92

    File Deletion Help

    So after updating windows xp sp2 to sp3 on my old pc these annoying files(hidden) are created on my external hdd automatically.Is there any way to get rid of these files ? Thanks in advance. P.S : Already tried with revo uninstaller. No luck .
  6. R

    Flashing my nokia 5130c2?

    my nokia 5030c2 mobile phone is in switcth of condition...and i am not able to switch it on... i want to get rid with this problem...please tell me how to flash it...i can take any risk as it is out of warranty.....
  7. funskar

    Pirate Bay jumps on a cloud

    The Pirate Cloud So, first we ditched the trackers. Then we got rid of the torrents. Now? Now we've gotten rid of the servers. Slowly and steadily we are getting rid of our earthly form and ascending into the next stage, the cloud. The cloud, or Brahman as the hindus call it, is the...
  8. I

    Is it possible to reinstall bios??

    Guys couple of years ago i was a complete noob plus idiot.. i had purchased dell inspiron 580 desktop for gaming..(i dint knew about this forum that time) i have already spend so much on it like i changed graphic card, smps..etc etc i stil regret my decision.. but anyways..now the thing is i...
  9. sanny16

    A textfile open automatically everytime when the system starts.

    Whenever i start my lappy , a text file opens up automatically in the desktop screen. It says something related to shell. How to get rid of it? I tried attaching pic but didnt accept it saying some error. Here is the link to the pic: "*postimage.org/image/wpk5ouvof/"
  10. ud0103

    Topic: SkyDrive

    I've already posted thousands of questions on microsoft's forums but still have a question unanswered.. Can any 'f the skydrive users tell me how to get rid of the unable to sign in problem ?? The taskbar icon keeps saying signing in but never actually does that.. :(
  11. S

    How to get rid of autocompletepro in browser ?

    From the past one week i have had a major issue with 'Search' on all websites thanks to a new software called 'autocompletepro'. I have no idea as to how it has come on board for i have not installed it. It is making searching on all websites irritating. Normally all websites have auto...
  12. M

    New PSU Needed

    My Configuration is AMD PHENOM X4 945 GIGABYTE MOTHERBOARD(880GM UD2H) 4GB OF CORSAIR VALUE RAM SEAGATE 500GB HARDDRIVE DVD WRITER Finally I have money to get rid of my crappy PSU friends suggest me a new PSU within 2,200, In future i am planning to buy a midrange GPU So please...
  13. Anish

    Error message when booting windows

    Hello friends, My pc while booting displays Invalid boot.ini file Booting from c:\windows\ and it boots normally after this message. Anyways, i want to get rid of this message. PC details: Processor: Intel C2D OS: Windows xp professional Thanks
  14. Akshay

    Play Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 without DVD

    I have bought CoD MW2 dvd recently and want to know how I can play the game without the DVD? In the past I have used pir@ted stuff mostly so never bothered about no DVD thing since I was using Virtual DVD Rom. But now with licensed copy, is there a way to get rid of the DVD? I tried on...
  15. ico

    Anna Hazare arrested

    Kaaaangresssss have got Anna arrested. Time for a mini revolution to get this country rid of idiots like Kaaaaangress, BJP et cetera???
  16. M

    disabling/removing active x warning

    whenever,I open a office 2003 documents,an annoying warning noted below appears. "This application nis about to initiate active x control that might be unsafe..." on clicking either ok or cancel,the documents opens. how to get rid of this annoyance. I am using a preloaded windows 7...
  17. P

    clean install to get rid of bloatwares

    I have recently purchase Sony Vaio CB15, i want to get rid of bloatwares preinstalled . Is it advisable to do the clean install ?& if yes; what precautions to be take before doing it? Thanks in advance.
  18. rahul_c

    BSOD again!

    I was getting multiple blue screens on my Dell Vostro 1510 laptop, to make sure I didnt have any software issues I formatted the entire HDD. But today I got it again! Is there any way to get rid of them? I have attached the log files(RAR archive renamed for uploading) it consists of two files...
  19. M

    waiting for s7.addthis.com

    while browsing certain websites,the pages are not fully loaded and the page hangs on with the above message at leftern bottom. how to get rid this? Os window 7
  20. A

    problem with boot menu

    dear friends, I have win. xp pro with service pack 2.my problem is that whenever i start my pc i get three booting options to boot from (1)windows xp pro.(2)windows xp pro.(3)windows xp pro.my real os is no.3.first and second option is not real.i want to get rid of number 1 and 2.friends i do...
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