1. .jRay.

    Urgent!! I need in ear earphones.

    I need a pair of in ear earphones for around 1.5 to 2k. Mostly for workouts. They should not move/fall off while running ,so we're looking for clip ons. Also sweat resistance is a requirement. Should have decent output and powerful bass. Suggest asap!! I'm on my way to a shop.
  2. Anorion

    Plague Inc Strategy Discussion

    Some background if you don't know about the game Plague Inc is a disease simulation game, where you get to repeatedly eradicate humanity as a virus, bacteria, parasite and other disease causing agents. It's incredibly fun and educational as well. Most of the game can be unlocked by just winning...
  3. GhorMaanas

    [For Sale] Resistance 3

    1. Product on sale: Resistance 3 2. Price: 745/- shipped. 3. Reason for sale: finished playing the game. 4. Product condition: 9.9/10. scratchless! 5. Date of purchase: Exactly one week back. 6. Location of products/seller: Thane 7. Preferred courier agency: DTDC 8. Money transaction...
  4. A

    Xperia Z or Xperia ZL!!! Plz Help..

    Guys...Planning to buy a new phone...stuck between xperia z or xperia zl....liked xperia z for the water zl coz of IR blaster and better screen(reportedly in many reviews)...only thing I dnt like abt xperia z is the heating issues....and since I use my fon a lot I am not...
  5. abhidev

    Upcoming Co-op games of 2011

    Dead Island (Xbox360 PS3 PC) Inversion (Xbox360 PS3 PC) Call of Juarez: The Cartel (Xbox360 PS3 PC) F.E.A.R. 3 (Xbox360 PS3 PC) Hunted: The Demon’s Forge (Xbox360 PS3 PC) Gears of War 3 (Xbox360) Resistance 3 (PS3) Resident Evil Raccoon City (Xbox360 PS3 PC) Brink...
  6. karthik55859

    whats there in resistance??????

    hello guys, we all know that many of them compared gears of war to resistance:fall of man.....thats good....both are visual treat to our eyes.... but the what heck is with its size of the game.... gears of war amts to roughly 6.5 to 7 GB where as resistance accounts to whooping 21GB of...
  7. SolidSnake

    Resistance: Fall of Man (IGN Review)

    * November 10, 2006 - Owners of some gaming systems have to wait years before they get a true "killer app," but PlayStation 3 users get theirs on day one. Insomniac's Resistance: Fall of Man is far and away the most impressive title on the console --...
  8. Q

    Gainward the highest OCer in 6600gt series + Voltage Modding

    The Gainward 6600GT Overclocking + Voltage Modding Note:- I deserve not credit for the overclocking or voltage modding. Its the hardwork of other people. I also wanted you to know this thing so i am sharing it with you. Any credit for this completely goes to the people who made it...
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