Adcom apdad 707d


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I have recently bought the Adco apad 707d

which seems to work good!

but I had put a pattern lock and I fogot it

CAn you please tell me the key combination to hard reset it or any other way

Im really in a bad situation please tell me a solution!!!


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You can hard reset the phone to remove the pattern unlock. Although all your settings will be erased, contents of card won't be.
Here's the answer written in an elegant way, from a google result:

If you don`t know your pattern password, you have no chance of unlocking it without losing any data. If you cant figure out your pattern code, you can perform Hard Reset, but it will erase all the data stored on your device. By performing some steps, you can hard reset your device and turn it back to it`s factory settings.

To reset your device follow this guide.
1. Turn the power off.
2. Press and hold: Home Key Power Key Volume UP
3. Turn the power on, while keeping the three keys pressed.
4. When the brand logo is shown, release the keys.

Note: Other method of unlocking your device is through your email account, If you type wrong pattern for 5 times or more, the phone will ask for your email accounts. Just type the correct username and password to unlock your device.
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