1. avichandana20000

    Memory card

    I have SONY HX 200V Cam with a default 4 GB MEMORY CARD which gets occupied in no time if i shoot videos in FULL HD. Now i need a new MEMORY CARD of 32 GB CLASS 10. BUT I AM NO PROFESSIONAL. I just need to cover a whole event of 1.5 hrs in 1920x1080 res at a stretch without the memory gets...
  2. R

    Monitor buying help

    I am looking to upgrade from my current 1440*900 res monitor.I m looking at either 1920x1080,1200p or 2560x1440p wqhd monitor.The main objective is gaming,considering I have a 7970,will I be able to maintain playable frame rates at the highest settings on 2560x1440p res in games for around...
  3. T

    Quiet and Cool Graphic Card Under 7k

    Hello, My Config is in my signature. The GTS 250 I am running is noisy and big. It is overlapping my Mobo's SATA Connections so I cant add anything. I am not a HARDCORE gamer. I use a 19" Monitor with 1400x900 max res which I am not upgrading for a LONG time. So I want something...
  4. A

    Resolution woes

    Hello guys ! :razz: 1. Can I get any 20” LED monitor with full HD res? 2. What is the difference between 19*10 res in 20” LED and 19*10 res in 22” LED monitor. 3. Isn’t 22” is biggy ? Purpose : HD gaming Reason : I can’t afford GPU except 6850 :?. if I get...
  5. R

    Need HELp

    Hello Guys I need help upgrading my pc to a Nice gaming. My current Spec: Phenom ii x2 550 BE Mothboard MSI (cheap) DDR2 Ram 2gb Local PSU -450 W not sure 9400gt chinese. xD 20" Lg monitor 1600x1200 max res. I have Rs.15000 To spend. Suggest me anything I also need my pc for...
  6. happy17292

    cheap android- micromax andro A60 or samsung galaxy pop?

    i am on tight budget and i want to buy a android phone.i have andro A60 or galaxy pop in mind. according to reviews in youtube, A60- 2.8 inch resistive touch 320X240 res. , 3.2MP autofocus cam, android 2.1, 600MHz CPU, 3G, wifi, GPS price 7k galaxy pop- 3.15 inch capacitive touch...
  7. P

    Free AV converter tool

    Which free AV converter tool is suitable for my 640 X360 res mobile display ?Thanks.
  8. H

    Old Rig... for Gaming?

    Hi I have a PC with this config: Mobo: nVidia nForce 4 nf4xk8mc-rs Proc: AMD Athlon XP 3500+ overclocked @ 2.4 GHz GF Card: GeForce 6200 TC PCI-E RAM: 1 GB DDR1 Using a Sony EX300 TV (22") @ 1366 X 768 res Can I use this gig for some casual gaming, by upgrading the graphics card? Esp at 1366...
  9. arpanmukherjee1

    Multi Screen setup needed

    hello, recently purchased acer aspire one 532h netbook intel vga media accelerator for mobile driver inbuilt how to setup another lcd with its native resolution netbook res : 1024 x 600 (10.1") LCD res : 1600 x 900 (20") i loose lcd res while coning the display if i extend desktop only...
  10. Arun the Gr8

    Running Normal Res Games in Widescreen Res (OLD DIGIT SOLUTION)

    Hey, can someone tell me how to run a normal resolution game in widescreen resolution. The solution for this was given in some old issue of digit in the tips & tricks section using some software i cannot recall.. So can someone help me out? Admins? Digit Team?
  11. blademast3r

    20 inch hd monitor resolution?

    Hey guys.. there sure are loads of 20 inch hd monitors for cheap these days..i hav a doubt.. lets say ur playin a game say crysis... ur playin it at like 1280*1024 ,which is obviously lower than hd res.. will the game look low res and pixely? like stretched and all? if so then whats the use of...
  12. iMav

    Rejected Windows 7 Artwork ThemePack

    8 high res images of the Rejected Windows 7 Artworks. Made a theme as well. :D Download : Rejected Windows 7 Artworks ThemePack. For more visit : [Wallpapers & Theme] High Res Rejected Windows 7 Artwork | I'm Just Being Manan
  13. Plasma_Snake

    Laptop GPU help

    Out of the 2, which one is better, Intel 4500MHD or ATi HD3450? Which one would be able to handle COD4 at the res of 1280x800, providing good frame rates too? :-?
  14. prateekchanda

    In a Mess

    Guys I'm in a Mess with my PC config need help on LCD I wanted to get samsung 2233BW 16:10 but its not there any were in delhi I suppose all I get is 2233SW its 21.5 has 1080p resolutions but issue I'm buying hd4850 and it will not be a good idea to run it at that res also do it matters to...
  15. DizitalNovice

    What's your opinion on 8600GT DDR3

    I am planning to buy a 8600GT DDR3 card, but I hear the performance is not very good. Do any of you have it? how much can I increase the effects and res in a game like new POP 2008 or Assassin's Creed? What frame rates can I expect?
  16. I

    i cant keep max res in 9500gt!

    having palit 9500gt ddr2 512mb, with lcd monitor viewsonic va1926w 19"inch i can only keep 1440*900 only cant i keep it higher, i have seen others for more than that is it possible?
  17. Plasma_Snake

    Queries regarding Ubuntu 8.10

    I was a SUSE man till now but SUSE 11 turned out to be a P.I.T.A for me so jumped to the "yellower" pastures of Ubuntu. Installed it last night and already loving it even more than Windows. This is the "Linux Effect" :D Once u go Black u never go back ;) Man Network setup was even easier than...
  18. Darthvader

    Dilemma between the 9600gt and HD 4850

    Before reading the entire post , :p lets not jump to any conclusion. I know the HD 4850 is way better than the 9600GT But I am interested only in playing in low res of 1024x768 or 1028x1024 with medium-high settings. For that Is it worthwhile to shell out about 3500 bucks more for the HD 4850...
  19. D

    HELP:please suggest new M.B+Proc under 10k

    Hi Everybody, i want upgrade my old rig..please suggest me a proc+M.B(10k)... intel preferred.. i will buy ram ,HDD separate..right now i dont want 2 buy a graphics card... 1)please recommend me a Motherboard with good graphic support(5-6.5k)??? 2)can i play...
  20. chicha

    screen res stuck at 1440*900 :(

    this is very very irritating i have ubuntu 8.04 with all the eye candy turned on and with the 3D windows and stuff like that, now my screen res is stuck at 1440*900 @67 refresh rate and i want it to be 1024*768 @75 or 85(my windows has this combo). since i have a CRT 17" 1440*900 is really bad...
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