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  1. M

    Wanna rent a Gfx card !!!!!!!!

    Hey everyone . I recently bought & assembled a C2D PC .. but then i didn't feel the need for a Gfx card .... here's the thread http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/showthread.php?t=95648 ..... For about 25 days or max till christmas i am free . i am not even a casual gamer and i still play at...
  2. O

    7600gs for sale

    product: zebronics 7600gs(PCI-express, non OCed) specs: Memory: 256mb ddr2 core: 400mhz Shader:v3.0 vista ready, sli ready, hdtv ready runs most games above 30fps(med-high settings, 1024*780 res, no aa/af) price: 1.3k looking for buyers in chennai city( to avoid shipping issues )
  3. Plasma_Snake

    Force resolutions

    In my OpenSUSE 10.3, my GPU has been detected but my screen is a LCD TV so bit problem there. I just want to know how can I force the res. of 1360x768 in OpenSUSE 10.3, currently the res. is set to 1024x768.
  4. chicha

    sync out of range in rainbow 6 vegas

    by mistake i set the game resolution to the one not supported by my monitor, and there is no safe mode option in this game. i tried running the game in 600*400 res by choosing the option(right clicking the icon)But the sync is still out of range. how can i get it back to 1024*768. my desktop is...
  5. blackpearl

    Games in LCD dilemma

    I'm going to buy an LCD monitor soon. Now what will happen to old games that run at 800x600 or even 1024x768 resolution? From what i know, LCDs don't do well with resoultion less than the native resolution. Those games will be stretched until the pixels break if I run at the native resolution...
  6. chicha

    creativity with food(hig res photos)

    take a look at them source mail.
  7. blademast3r

    software to force resolution????

    Hey guys is there a software awailable which forces a game to run at a particular res only???
  8. B

    Vedio Editing For A Mobile

    i JUST WANT TO KNOW THAT HOW THE HELL I CAN CONVERT AUDIO OF .avi fILE AS MP3 Acually I MY SMARTPHONE supports vedios in 208 by176 res. encoded with DivX or xvid -interlaced,max 15 fps vedio bitrate 80-200kbps (all above is done) audio-mp3 encoded16KHz, mono But How ???
  9. zbuu

    trouble with Oen GL Games (Doom3, Q4)

    i hav a XFX 7600GS but for some reason q4and Doom 3 runs only at 60hz (Vsysnc is also on) res 1024*768, monitor bernq v772 nv driver 93.71 plz hlppppppppppppppp
  10. blademast3r

    Windows media player prob

    Hi guys i use win mp 11 my screen res is 1088 X 612 (16:9) the problem is that each time i play a video full screen the aspect ratio is set to 4:3 and only a small central portion of the screen is used...this prob is not faced at 4:3 resolutions...BAscially is there a way to stretch vids in...
  11. P

    Is there a way.....

    I have asked is this question to so many people but none have the answer....... Can u convert low resolution pics (taken with a cell etc..) to a high res pics(800*600)??????????????? If yes how.....................
  12. eagle_y2j

    Where is it??????????????????????????????????

    i wanna change the default my document icon in win xp using res hacker can any one tell where the icon is located.................
  13. T

    monitor playing games with me ... :-((

    I have a strange issue.My assembled system has got P4-2.4Ghz,DDRAM 512Mb,Intel D845 motherboard,Asus Geforce 4 Ti 4200 and a 17' samsung synchmaster monitor :D .The OS i'm using is Win Me The issue is that while playing some games the monitor goes completely blank .even the LED on the...
  14. M

    problem with KNOPPIX

    i am using KNOPPIX 3.4, every time i try to boot i have to enter " knoppix screen=1024*768 vrefresh=60 noscsi" or else the screen turns blank. is there a way that i can save the setting so that i dont have to enter them everytime. secondly the resolution i get is 1152*864 and not 1024*768...
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