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What's your opinion on 8600GT DDR3

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I am planning to buy a 8600GT DDR3 card, but I hear the performance is not very good. Do any of you have it? how much can I increase the effects and res in a game like new POP 2008 or Assassin's Creed?
What frame rates can I expect?


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Give some real answers, Mr. Clown

Yeah, that card's outdated now :sad:. Those 2 games can run on med res. & low settings :cry:
Q: How much dough do you want to spend ?

If you want 15-20% better than 8600GT performance at 3.5K, best option is 9500GT.

If you have as much money as 8600GT cost in the era your knowledge about 8600GT is about, and want to spend it, consider Palit 9600GT 1GB DDR3 Smart edition for Rs. 5,700.
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