1. K

    FREE VPN for netflix

    hi guys i need to know any reliable free VPN for netflix
  2. A

    How reliable are Sager laptops?

    Hi guys I am planning to buy Sager NP8151 from here, XOTIC PC | Sager NP8151 (Clevo P650RP6) - 15.6" Gaming Noteboo I would like to know how reliable the laptop would be. Does any of you know of any issues with Sager laptops? I would be getting this my from cousin in US to India...
  3. Subhankar Mondal

    Many personal queries .

    I have a lot of questions expecting your suggestions. Since it contains matters of many fields, I am posting it here. Kindly help. My name is Subhankar mondal. From westbengal. Ami bangali. 1)What is the best and reliable website to recharge mobile? 2)I am using free AVAST antivirus. It...
  4. K

    Free you tube downloader

    Hi Guys, I have got a you tube downloader. But it is not good. Can you recommend me any free reliable you tube downloader?
  5. K

    How reliable is You Broadband? (mumbai)

    I have been using Airtel for almost 10 years now.. But their FUP limit is pretty annoying. Went to their website to see if they had any plans with a better data limit and the best they have for Mumbai is 100gb.. which isnt enough. You Broadband is a decent option. The speeds (you wtf has...
  6. C

    Need help and Guidance on Stem Cell Preservation

    Hi Folks, I am in this forum since from my school days. I am going to be father in coming few months . I am looking for an reliable Stem Cell Preservation company which I can rely upon. Please share your experiences,like & dislike.
  7. Nipun

    Want a cheap, reliable 1TB external hard disk

    Hi! I need a reliable (do NOT want to lose any data) 1TB External Hard Disk. Please suggest. How do I ensure that only I am able to access the files on the hard disk? Encryption?
  8. S

    Reliable Chager for MOTO E 1st Gen

    My MOTO E charger stopped working. I would like to know reliable Chargers available in market. Really appreciate suggestions from MOTO E owners. Thanks spandey
  9. cute.bandar

    Building cheapest PC that's kind of reliable?

    So a former employee of my father wants to get a first computer for his children... Purpose : Simply learn how to use a computer. Basic things. Reliable: complete newbies to computer, things go wrong in hardware, they will have issues. Cheap Parts needed: monitor / CPU / keyboard mouse...
  10. kg11sgbg

    How about this UPS : Champion 800vA ? Is it reliable?

    The Champion 800vA UPS made by Aar-em Electronics Pvt. Ltd. based on Pune,looks quite decent and promising. How much reliable and safe bet is it for a purchase?
  11. aroraanant

    Need to buy a TV to view camera footage in office

    I am getting installing around 16 cameras so I want a TV to view the footage of my factory. I don't know what size would be appropriate but I think 32" would be more than enough. Guys suggest me something cheap and good, a reliable brand which doesn't go off atleast for 5-10yrs as I am not...
  12. d6bmg

    Good reliable and cheap shops in bangalore

    Please guide me about good reliable and cheap laptop stores in Bangalore. Shop name would be helpful....
  13. amjath

    Reliable Gaming Headset for ~1.5K

    Hi guys, I want a gaming headset for online gaming at around 1500. Please suggest a reliable headset
  14. I

    Please suggest FUP-Less ISP in Delhi

    Hi all, I live in west Delhi(near moti nagar) and my current local ISP is closing their service down this month. As a result, I need to switch to another one. I am currently on a 1Mbps FUP-less plan for Rs1300/month and am looking for the same or a better deal at a maximum of Rs1500 per...
  15. warfreak

    El cheapo thermal paste?

    Recently, I took to cleaning my PC by taking it apart. Naturally I rubbed off all the thermal paste between the CPU and heatsink. Now I need to apply thermal paste and I have 2 options, go for a reliable brand like thermaltake or Artic Silver which costs > 500 bucks or go for a non branded...
  16. P

    Wireless Router with modem around 2.5k

    Hey guys I need a wireless router with inbuilt modem for my Airtel Broadband at my dad's office. I particularly need it to share my internet connection to 3 Computers through ethernet and a DVR. Also, I need a reliable LAN connection through it so it doesn't get any down while file sharing...
  17. S

    Buying CPU cooler and HDD

    I need to buy a CPU cooler and HDD for my system running Intel 4790K For cooler: I have in mind: 212X, Deepcool assassin, H100i, nauctua NH14. Help me to choose the best bang for the buck cooler. I have plan to overclock my system, but not right now as current speed is more than enough...
  18. RBX

    A Reliable 1TB HDD

    I need a reliable disk and the brands I have in mind are WD and Hitachi. The disk will host OS, but the computer is primarily used to browse internet so I expect no harm to data in it (from unexpected shutdowns due to power failure) because other than browsing internet, it is used to store data...
  19. Xai

    Gamestheshop - Reliable?

    Hey guys, I stumbled upon a good offer for FFXIV: ARR on this site: Buy Final Fantasy XIV: Online online PC, in India at the best price : Is this site reliable for online purchase? Anybody has experience with them? On that note, anybody playing FFXIV: ARR?
  20. Pratik Pawar

    android Mobile sugesions..

    Hii all, I want to buy a new Android mobile for myself, budget is upto 8000 rs. max stretchable upto 8500rs, not beyond that plz,. suggest me a good allrounder cell, android latest. 1st priority Samsung. any other brands that much reliable for the next 3 years.? karbonn, micromax? gonna buy it...
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