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  1. E

    networking for hacking

    Hello I am in process of being a professional security expert.And as you know in order to do it I need to have good knowledge of networking.So I want to know what should I learn in networking which can help me?Which book should i refer to?And should I join a institute?And if you are referring a...
  2. K

    I can't sleep..Need HELP !!

    Its 2.30 am and I can't sleep. This happens all the time. Every Night. What shall I do. Please help !! PS: Don't refer me a Doctor!!
  3. aroraanant

    Anonymous Hacker Takes Down GoDaddy Inc.

    For more info refer this link
  4. A

    pls refer a LED TV

    hi, my budget id 35000/- to 55000/- please refer a LED TV with in this range.
  5. gdebojyoti

    Invitation to Zurker

    In Zurker you own a part of Zurker. Once you join Zurker, you own shares of Zurker. You cannot join Zurker unless you are invited by someone via referral. Click on this link and let me refer you . This link will expire shortly so hurry up . Notice - Zurker
  6. A

    Need Processor and mobo

    Hi all...I want to buy processor and motherboard...within the range rs. 13K for both...processor should be from i5 series..so please refer me some good mobos that reduce the need for video card...my uses are gaming surfing .........please refer some good one...thaks in advance...:wink:
  7. G

    Need Help Want To Assemble A Gaming Computer

    This is my 1st post and this form is very cool and impressive Core i7 2600k GTX 560 Ti (ASUS) Now plzz refer me other components and whats there price I m from Punjab.
  8. esudip

    Need Guidance to Buy UPS

    Hello all, I just Brought New rig. Intel i5 2500K, Asus P8Z68-V etc (Refer my Signature for details :wink:) I also updated my SMPS to 700W CoolerMaster Extreme Power and i have a LG 23" LCD Monitor + TV. I have a Champion 800VA UPS but it is not able to handle the Load (Excluding the Monitor)...
  9. P

    PM box size increased?

    I don't visit TDF regularly these days, but I think the number of messages in a member's box used to be limited to 100. And unless I'm mistaken, the limit still was 100 a few days ago. I had about 80 messages but was reluctant to clear them out as I occasionally refer to old messages. I sent...
  10. S

    Posting Groupon style deals

    Hi Friends, Many of you might be aware of the famous group buying website Groupon (Chicago Deals: Cheap Fun Things to Do in Chicago | Groupon Deals). You would also have noticed the way they publish deals through Facebook. I need to know the way they post their deals? Can anybody let me know...
  11. V

    Please Help me choose New Hardware

    Looks like i have posted at wrong section... please refer this link
  12. D

    help me selecting a lappy

    i wanna buy a lappy with d given speccification i) atleast 215 mb graphic gaming card ii) atleast 250 gb hard disk iii) atleast 3 gb of ram iv) first hand so i've chosen these lappy of choice 1. dell xps m1530 2. studio 15 3. hp dv 4 1133 tx 4. hp dv 5 1010 us please help me select any among...
  13. jal_desai

    Tutorial: Port Forwarding in ZTE ZXDSL 831AII Modem 100% working!

    ZTE ZXDSL 831AII is a new modem which is being provided by BSNL upon new DataOne Broadband Connection. One may find it difficult to configure it when it comes to port forwarding in this modem. Even on Portforward.com, a tutorial is NOT available as it is a very new modem. Its older...
  14. jxcess2

    Is there a way to bookmark posts?

    I don't know if this is the right section to post this, like I really care, but is there a way to bookmark threads so I can refer to them whenever I login?
  15. J

    Free 1 year NORTON ANTIBOT

    Sometime ago I had alerted about KASPERSKY ANTIVIRUS FREE LICENSE. Now those interested may refer ths following url for getting free license for 1 year http://www.raymond.cc/blog/archives/2008/03/06/free-1-year-norton-antibot-genuine-serial-number-for-everyone/
  16. sona

    Query about prices....

    Can anyone refer me any site where i would get to know the prices of various PC peripherals like motherboard,processor,etc. for different cities....???
  17. comrade

    Look...Whats Inside Nokia 1100

    PCB layout of Nokia 1110 Component side: UI side: For other nokia models refer http://www.nokia-tuning.net/index.php?m=layouts
  18. yoursfriend

    help for dbms project ??

    can any body tell me any good site for download project for dbms i have a project in dbms so that i can refer those project to make mine
  19. reddick

    Jetfighter 2015 CHEATS

    AnyOne know abt it...I visit some sites which describe it's all cheats,but not a single one works for me :oops: Please refer me to any good site...THX BRO :!:
  20. blueshift

    Digit released their cassette

    Dont believe it. See this pic. For more information just refer to the link shown at the bottom right corner. ;)
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