1. Zangetsu

    [Satire] CBI raids Kejriwal's house, shocking recoveries made

    Recently CBI conducted a raid at Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal's residence on orders of centre govt. The stuff CBI recovered in this raid not only left them shocked but also left PM Modi teary eyed. Find out what all was recovered. Source: CBI raids Kejriwal's house, shocking recoveries made- The...
  2. Pasapa

    Amd driver stopped working and has recovered.

    So, for a few days i have been getting this error when im using Chrome. The screen blacks out and i get a message that the amd driver has stopped working and has recovered. I am also experiencing random BSOD's when i close Chrome and exit some games like Bf4, AC4 etc. This is annoying ...
  3. Nerevarine

    HD 6870 Problem

    I have a HD 6870.. Whenever I turn on Windows Aero, i get an error message "video driver has stopped working but recovered".. and it automatically hangs.. Games run fine on the card on the Windows Basic Interface .. Please advice
  4. H

    seagate hardisk formatted

    hi i had a severe problem that i was installing windows 7 and in between when drive option i had deleted all my partition unknowingly and my all data are lost i had used "GetData Recover My Files Professional Portable" them my one drive data is perfectly recovered but other data...
  5. D@rekills4

    RAM Problem I guess.

    Well, I am posting on behalf of my friend..... Well since recently, whenever he reinstalls his his OS, (Windows XP or 7) after a few minutes, hours or days his display turns upside down.... If he restarts his PC, then he get a message saying: "Windows has recovered from a serious...
  6. BlueShadow

    Error Showing whenever logging on pc

    whenever i start my pc i see an error saying "huagceras.exe has occured problem" Also sometimes my display driver igxprd32.exe crashes and on restarting say error"system has recovered from a serious illness" tell me a solution
  7. ash2win

    Can't see recovered images,

    I just recovered many jpg images using recovery sw like recuva that was deleted by friend from my lap,but only 10% images are fully recovered,remaining the file is there but not viewable,what to do can i get it fully original?
  8. avichandana20000

    Actually not rercovered

    I have recovered some .wav & .mpeg4 and some jpeg (in "good" condition) files from my micro sd card used in my mobile through Disk Recovery Software. BUT though they are recovered they cannot be played. When i click the jpeg file it is showing "INVALID IMAGE". For .wav & .mpeg4 it is showing...
  9. N

    I badly need your help guys.

    Hi, The problem is when I am surfing the net for a while, say 10 minutes. The BSOD comes up saying "Beginning of physical memory...(something)" & restarts, when at the desktop it says "Windows recovered from a serious error". What's the problem, guys?? I never changed any settings in BIOS...
  10. S

    Hard Drive Jitters

    I have an external hard drive. It was working fine until now. Yesterday when I plugged it in, it didn't respond. I have valuable data on the drive. Can the data be recovered?? Please repsond asap because its very crucial.
  11. VarDOS

    Dead BIOS

    Last Sunday I failed my PC with an OC, since last sunday I am unable to start my PC. I thought that i spoilt the RAM but the RAM is workin fine..Every one is telling that the BIOS is dead CAN IT BE POSSIBLE? WHAT SHOULD I DO? MY PARENTS DON'T KNOW THIS. CAN MY PC BE RECOVERED? HOW? Thanks Varad
  12. digitalage

    memory card(micro sd)

    hi i am having a nokia s40 based hand set. and is going to sell it. i already deleted my images and personal data from it but want t make it sure that can it be recovered or not.....(as it happned in case of HDD) If yes is there a way to securely delete it???
  13. digitalage

    S40. Erase?

    Hi. I have a s4o os mob phone. I want to know that is the deleting process is same as windows. If yes how can i delete contents from my phone memory(including memory card) so that its not recovered
  14. digitalage

    data erase!!???

    hi i have some personal data in my hard disk and want to hand it over to my friend, i dont want him/her to get access to data anyhow,(i heard that data can be recovered even if i delete it). I thought that i wil:confused:l format it by full format in NTFS. will it protect my data?
  15. confused!!

    getting registry recovery message..

    everytime i start my computer i get this message 90% of the time "one of the files containing the system's registry data had to be recovered by the use of a log or alternate copy. the recovery was successful." what may be the problem....????
  16. CadCrazy

    want to modify vista boot loader

    I have dual boot vista and xp. Recently i recovered vista startup problem with vista bootable cd.Now there are two options during bootup Earlier Version Of Windows Microsoft Windows Vista[Recovered] I want to change earlier version entry to Windows XP and wana remove this recovered word...
  17. asif1231

    pc crashing

    while playing games like rise of legends and company of heroes the screen freezes with a screaching sound and i have to restart the system, and after reboot it says ''system recovered from a sereous problem'' i have 1.2 gb of ddr ram and 7600gs xfx card pls help.....
  18. M

    Recover Data

    Hello every One I have accidently Foramtted my Hard Disk which contained my very useful DATA.Can any body tell me that Can it be recovered If Yes with Which Software it Can be recovered I know about STEALLER but It is very Costly Please suggest me any Other One.
  19. sridatta

    System recovered from serious error ??

    Hi all.. Yesterday, While i was working on my system, suddenly BSOD appeared with the error PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA. I just restarted my system and everything went fine then. As the screen has instructions to remove newly installed hardware and software, I have uninstalled Google Earth coz...
  20. blueshift

    is this possible?(regarding orkut)

    is it possible that even if u delete your account in orkut, its account details can be recovered?
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