1. Faun

    Tropes thread

    Last thread was deleted, may be due to database update. I can't find it. One of the tropes used to separate reality and hallucination/dream is to use fade to black or white screens. e.g. Spec Ops the Line video game uses fade to black or fade to white screens to imply that one is reality and...
  2. Nanducob

    The Virtual Reality Thread (Occulus Rift ,Google Cardboard,Gear VR etc)

    Hello , Creating this thread ,so that everyone can discuss things related to virtual reality like devices,apps etc in one place :) Although Occulus Rift,Gear VR are said to deliver true VR the Google cardboard/clones are good for someone to begin with.I never thought a cardboard case with...
  3. P

    P.r.o.j.e.c.t cars.(racing fans beware)

    NO ITS NOT A DIY GUIDE TO MAKING YOUR OWN CAR! Claimed "most authentic, beautiful, intense, and technically-advanced racing game on the planet" By the developers who plan to realese it on STEAMOS scrapping ps3 version!pc,Xbox one scrapping 360 version!wii u and the few others It's a...
  4. Akira

    Oculus Rift: The TRUE NEXT-GEN Console??

    I am sure many of u already know of this Virtual reality system by now, but if you don't-you're missing out on something awesometacular. Well, here's an introduction. Seriously, it amazed the hell out of me when I first saw it. It's still in beta stages, but Youtube already has many videos of...
  5. vijju6091

    Made In India Chips are coming soon as per rumour

    A 'Made in India' chip may be a reality soon Finally India Is getting into Chip making business. hope this becomes Reality Soon.:|:-)
  6. S

    IBM Developer SuperStar Contest 2012

    Do you have what it takes to claim the world of app development? Do you have a path breaking idea you’re waiting to transform into a working application? Do you have the passion to drive your design to reality? Don’t wait for the deadline, submit your idea now! Announcing the IBM...
  7. P

    Help Needed on 23" LED Full HD Monitor

    Guys, I am looking for a nice LED Full HD Monitor 23". I found out one LG LED e2360v for about 10.5K on I would like to know if this one is good for games? The specs for the monitor is good but I need the reality. Thanks.
  8. Garbage

    Gmail Motion April Fools' gag inevitably turned into reality using Kinect

    Gmail Motion April Fools' gag inevitably turned into reality using Kinect (video) -- Engadget Lfso7_i9Ko8
  9. maxmk

    ESDS Datacenter Operational from "3rd Feb 2010"

    Hello Everyone, It gives me immense pride to say that the Data Center of ESDS (the company in which I work) gets operational from "3rd Feb 2010". Following is the night view of the company and I will post more pics soon (1.79 MB Image). You can read the press release of inauguration "here"...
  10. soumya

    Google Wave: Theory & Reality
  11. NewsBytes

    Nokia to bring ‘Point & Find’ augmented reality tool to India in 2011

      At a press meet in Nokia’s worldwide headquarters in Helsinki, Finland, the company has announced that it plans to start rolling out its augmented reality tool for mobile phones next year. The US and Europe will be the first to get the new tool, called ‘Point & Find’ in...
  12. D

    new reality show about past life

    check this out- now, Ravi kishen is going to host a reality show about past life..ohhh where are we is the standard of entertainment degrading it...
  13. amitabhishek

    Rakhi Sawant gets 12,515 marriage proposals in 20 days

    OK..sue me for posting this...but I feel either the country is full of frustrated men or most of them are numb nuts...I mean how can this happen.... Source
  14. alexanderthegreat

    Anyone tried Alternate Reality Gaming yet?

    This month's (February) digit reported a genre of games known as Alternate Reality Gaming. Well? Has anyone tried it yet? I tried my hands on ARGNet but I can't seem to understand whatever the heck is it all about! Does someone here play any ARG too? Currently I'm trying to make some sense out...
  15. Disc_Junkie

    Reality shows or looters

    Reality shows. Reality shows. Reality shows. All the three well known channels have got their own reality show. 1. SONY - The famous INDIAN IDOL IV 2. STAR PLUS - STAR VOICE OF INDIA AND NACH BALIYE 3. ZEE TV - SAREGAMAPA AND DANCE INDIA DANCE They just try to get money from the people and...
  16. Sparsh007

    Bigg Boss 2 Winner:Ashutosh

    Bigg Boss 2 won by Ashutosh Second Reality Show win for him
  17. casanova

    How to do do this in Excel.

    It is quite easy to subtract dates and times in Excel but it doesn't always show reality. E.g Lets say that some1 is working on a project. He works every weekday from 10am-5pm. Lets say that the person starts working on 1st Jan and ends the project on 31 Jan. Now Excel will show the effort to...
  18. infra_red_dude

    HP releases its first mass-market Linux PC

    Read More... I'm really happy and very optimistic that this will soon be a reality here in India :)
  19. S

    Vista in 1.4 MB

    All this fire is blowing around regarding the Vista iso compressed to 1.4 MB. If anyone got some info then please share it. Lets get to the reality of this one. :) Starters may look the discussion on digit forums here >>>
  20. V

    PS2 Virtual Reality

    I dont know if this should go to a Hardware section or a Gamers section. Posting it here. I have seen a Virtual Reality technology used in a PS2. The setup was like this, Ps2 connected to a TV and the something like a USB camera on top which acts as an input device. Games are played with the...
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