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All files read only????? (Win XP)

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I have a maxtor 250GB hdd and i use utorrent to download songs on it.
From the last two days i have a very annoying problem.
All the files in my folder named "songs" are marked as read only and so i cant edit their tags.

In disk manamgment window it shows status of (250 gb hdd) as "Healthy(At Risk)".

I have tried running diskchk but it hangs after a certain time.
I just dont know what to do ??
disk check hanging indicates some serious problem.check the S.M.A.R.T status of your HDD.
If you can't change property of the file in a simple manner then follow this,goto tools->folder options->and remove tick from use simple file sharing.Right click on the folder and goto Security tab and enter your username and give yourself full permissions and then you can do anything with that stuff.
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