1. N

    Lenovo Z510 (i7) Very Annoying Problems

    1. When i Right Click On My Desktop Screen, It takes 5-10 Seconds To show Context Menu 2. When I make Online Payment On any Site & Reach On Payment Page It Shows This Webpage Is Not Available (Tried Different Browser & Different Sites But Problem Exists) 3. Conservation Mode In Energy Manager...
  2. T

    Range of TP Link W8968

    How is the range of the TP Link W8968? If I place it in 1 room, will the signal reach another room 2 walls away? (10mts). Will the signal reach another floor? Place explain your usage scenario and resulting signal strength. Thanks
  3. 7shivam9

    [For Sale] Facebook Page with awesome reach.

    Hey people. I'm willing to sell my Facebook page with worth 4.5k Likes and brilliant page reach. Page link - * Every post on page has minimum on 90 likes and they usually go around 110+ Post traffic is targeted and all genuine fans :D I'll upload more...
  4. avichandana20000

    [Praise] Wd - the leader in rma world

    My MY PASSPORT was not detected in USB 3.0 PORTS randomly. Followed the RMA procedure and the courier picked up the faulty HDD ON 15/01/2014. Same day night a mail has come that a new HDD has already been dispatched from Bangalore and i received it on 17/01/2014 I was taken a back. Even...
  5. H

    Beat Hazard Ultra

    I've been playing Beat Hazard Ultra, and i must say, the game is intense. Extreme Metal and Dubstep work really well and allowed me to reach elite in one play through(2-3 hrs).
  6. sumit_anand

    Deezer music services coming to Smart tv's!

    The craze of smart tv has made every streaming services provider to mark their reach in the smart tv's. Now Deezer, one of the major digital tunes provider is making it's reach with LG Smart tv's and it's expected to come to other televisions sooner or later.
  7. Siddharth_1

    COD 4:MW Act III No Fighting in the war room. Help Needed.

    I am stuck on a mission in cod 4 and need help. In act 3 mission: no fighting in the war room, in the room where the missile silos are located, we have to reach the last room where there is a big metal door, and captain price waves his hand towards us, telling us to move in that room. When i...
  8. T

    Overclock a X6 1055 ??

    hi guy i m planning to buy a X6 1055 and overclock it on my 78LMT-S2P. My question is, What clocks will it reach when i overclock it??? i wanted to reach a mark of 4 Ghz, will i be able to reach it ??? what sort of motherboard will i need(the cheaper the better :mrgreen:) i have a tight budget...
  9. I

    using skype other people are unable to listen my voice

    hi.... friends i have problem in my dell laptop while using skype voice call and any other voice chats also.during the call i can able to listen their voice but my voice could not reach to them. can u please suggest me what i can do to solve this.
  10. maverick786us

    Airtel is a cheater

    I recently upgraded my airtel broadband plan to 2MBPS. They said that with this plan there will be a download limit of 30GB per month and once it reaches 30 GB the bandwidth will reduce to 256KBPS. In my case the changes took place on 26th of July and on 5th Aug I received an SMS that my...
  11. hjpotter92

    Spider Man 3

    I got Spider Man 3 now. But, I am stuck at Lizard level one. I am able to move around the city easily, but in this particular level, when i reach the lizard, the lizard runsaway. I am atcomplete loss to know, how to not let this happen.
  12. R

    Fermi Arriving: ATI 58xx prices WILL go down

    PRICES OF THE ATI 58xx SERIES CARDS ARE ABOUT TO FALL, BABY! * Rejoice people, the hemlock will reach a lot more desktops very soon! ;)
  13. M

    vga to pal?

    My query is that - what would be the cheapest way to attach a PC to a TV not using the monitor but the TV (Colour CTV) or maybe a LCD as the visual output. Other options like using a projector etc is far beyond my reach.
  14. A

    Online shopping

    I wanted to ask that if I purchase anything in e-bay or any other shopping websites will it reach us and how many days will it take? How will it reach us? And is it safe?
  15. Pranav Prakash

    Tomb Raider annevrsery-Level peru

    In the city of Vilcabamba, where there are water canals and lara had to open a door by going to the top floor, how did u open the door. I mean to say that i had reached the top floor for unlocking one of the two doors but I am not able to reach on the top of other floor. I had also uploaded my...
  16. M

    Project in IT COmpanies

    Hi,I am an PGDM(IT) student,I wanna do project from IT company.Can any body tell me how to reach the companies.
  17. T

    Commandos III Destination Berlin Help required to finish

    Well I am in the stage wher I have to kill that trator General. I killed all the guys in the tunnels. All of them. Now Biggest prob is I cant seem to get out of the tunnel to reach the surface. All roadholes are Heavily guarded. Where to come out of it? A SS will be VERY VERY helpful of...
  18. nishantv2003

    Overclock E6750 to 4.0GHz???

    Guys, how can i make my e6750 to reach 4GHz??? i made it reach 3.7GHz w/o any problems, but when i set multiplier to 1900 from 1850 and make it 3.8ghz, the windows does not start. the screen stops and dumping of files or something starts. guys i just want it to reach 4ghz for 10-20 mins w/o...
  19. iMav

    mafia help

    i just started playing mafia lost my brains at the third stage itself where u are supposed to pick up that lady from the hospital and drop her at the theatre via the giuliano bridge i reach the freakin 'x' and she doesnt get down .... which is the guiliano bridge :confused:
  20. quan chi

    mafia ufo required

    well friends can anyone please post the exact screenshot of the map(marked )where i can find the ufo chase mission. and can anyone please also show the shortest route to reach the girl to save her from the sea monster.please do reply.
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