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  1. shreeux

    Need help for Choosing Cables

    Recently bought SwanM200KII in that set, I was received 3.5 mm TO 2 RCA PLUG. Pic showed below... I like to upgrade 3.5 mm TO 2 RCA Male Cable....Suggestion welcome...!!! If go for High end or expensive Cable any difference in sound quality? Right now select 2 cables, Indian made and...
  2. K

    Need a new 5.1

    As the title suggests I want a 5.1 system for my pc. Main use would be for playing games and watching movies and (rarely) listening music. I want a powerful one so that when I watch movies, it should be a good experience (sound effects and all). I have an Asus Z97-A motherboard, so I don't need...
  3. GhorMaanas

    [For Sale] MX audio cables, and a few others.

    # Products: 1. RJ11 Telephone cable ~8m - just the shipping-amt. 2. RJ11 Telephone cable ~20m - 220/- shipped. 3. Simple sheathed red & black copper cable (hot wires, for power connections) - ~14-15m - 150/- shipped. 4. MX 3.5mm (female) to RCA (male) cable - 180/- shipped. 5. MX 3.5mm to RCA...
  4. sandynator

    Need Single RCA Extension Cable [Male to Female] for Edifier C2 Speaker

    Guys I'm planning to wall mount my newly acquired Edifier C2's but the cable is too short & looks delicate too.. For this purpose I need some good VFM RCA Extension cable & some Stiff Wire cover for these speaker wires. Is there any separate RCA extension for Audio?? Please suggest..
  5. R

    Does my PC have RCA composite input

    I am planning to upgrade my current 2.0 JBL speaker. Which served me for around 7+years. To a cheap 5.1 setup, But while browsing flipkart I found some of the speakers says needs RCAw connection to connect speaker to system unit My motherboard : m5a97 r2.0 Speaker I checked in flipkart ...
  6. Hakimtai

    Dual RCA Adaptor to switch b/w dvd & dth

    Hi guys, My Uncle had a 29" CRT TV that went kaput Its picture tube had gone bad the tv repair guy advised him to buy a new TV but he had an old 21" with him from which he had upgraded to the 29 inc-her. Now it lacked RCA input it only had antenna input which was by old standard for TV...
  7. TheMost

    Convert VGA to RCA

    Hello people. I want to connect my PC to my old TV for playing games and watch some movies. My computer has the following outputs I am currently using the VGA for my monitor. Now i want to hook my PC to my old TV My Tv has the following input only. I think it is RCA (i use...
  8. V

    connection hadphone TV digsital output optical

    Now I have connected my headphone to 3.5 mm jack at the back of TV samsung LA46D550 46" someody suggested taht I can get a cable with RCA 2 pins one side and 3.5mm hack female othr side and connect one of the pins of RCA pin to digital ouput opitcal and the head phone to 3.5 mm jack end of...
  9. shreeux

    How to connect pc to tv using vga to 3 rca cable?

    my pc having graphics card hd6670 output is (vga,hdmi,dvi-i dual link) To my CRT TV input is RCA (yellow(video),white (audio-left) and red (audio-right).. 1.My question was how to connect. 2.somebody say buy converter (vga to rca) 3.somebody say my graphics will support i need help plz...
  10. S

    how to connect my 5.1 speakers with rca plugs to my laptop

    I have these 5.1 speakers with rca plugs....the ones with red,white and yellow ones....so I was thinking was there any way to connect this to my laptop??
  11. avinandan012

    Edifier C2 review

    Hi guys I am posting a review of my newly purchased 2.1 Multimedia Speaker system. All measurements are posted as "Diameter". For pics look here will post better pics if i can get hold of a real camera :-( Background : So far I've used PC speaker system from Intex, Frontech & Creative SBS...
  12. S

    TATA SKY HD >> through RCA >> <some connector> >> speakers

    Hello, I am planning to connect my laptop speakers to new led tv. Thus LED tv has no stereo 3.5mm jack, and has RCA plugs. So, 1. is it possible to connect this speakers to tv 2. is there any such cable which has 3.5 female to RCA male ? if yes then I am using TATA SKY HD which...
  13. N

    Suggestion for 5.1 speakers.

    Hi, I need to buy a new set of good 5.1 surround speakers for my home. It should have a good bass and good surround capabilities. My budget is 8k. I have a Panasonic TH-32X24D LCD tv as my primary screen. Now it has 3 HDMI inputs, one of which has a ARC output. It only has normal 2 channel...
  14. D

    5.1 F&D connection problem to creative X-Fi titanium saound card

    Hi, I bought a creative sound card pci exp x-fi titanium and installed it successfully in the pc. i have 5.1 F&D (F6000) speaker and you know already that it has a RCA connector for audio input. creative pci x-fi tit have 5 in number 3.5mm audio out. so i bought 3 pieces of 3.5mm to RCA cable...
  15. bad_till_bones

    Connecting Laptop to Television

    Hi guys, I want to connect my Laptop to an old BPL television. Both in terms of Audio & Video. Want to use HDMI/VGA/7-pin SVideo port of the Laptop. TV being old only has a RCA slot. TV's RCA slot pic is below - Did some search and seems I would be needing the below two cables! But need...
  16. B

    Can 3D PC monitors be used for TV viewing?

    Can 3D PC monitors be used for TV viewing purpose without using a TV tuner card. Models like LG D2342P are claiming that TV can be viewed directly by connecting it to a set top box. However these would require a RCA video connector which the model doesnt have. Or will I require a RCA to...
  17. patkim

    RCA Splitter.

    I wish to give output of my STB to 2 input devices. One being TV and another PC TV Card. If I use the basic RCA splitter device (1 in - 2 Out) will there be any impact on the signal quality? Thx.
  18. dreams

    Laptop to TV

    Hi all, Previously I had a HCL laptop which had a VGA connector. I have a Sony WEGA flat panel TV which has the RCA connectors. So, I bought a VGA to RCA cable and tried to connect. What I got was my desktop replicated 3 times on my TV. Completely distorted too. I tried all combination of...
  19. VarDOS

    [Tutorial] How To Connect DishTV To Your PC

    Hi Friends, Here Is My Working Tutorial On How To Connect Any Digital TV To PC. After A Long Survey On Most Forums And Sites, I Came To Know That A Problem That People Are Facing That Is How To Connect TataSky, DishTV, BigTV, AirTel Digital TV…To PC. For Recording Programs. Hear Is A...
  20. xbonez

    S Video to TV (RCA) using Laptop

    Hey, I tried connecting my laptop (Dell XPS M1530) to my TV using an S-video (4 pin)to RCA cable and seperately a 3.5mm to component audio cable. I do get audio on my TV but no video. I have checked the BIOS for any setting. I have checked Display settings and nVidia control panel. What...
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