Right off the assembly line
I cant decide which one to buy........
Both these models have same config but.....
Asus has good build, looks with a GTX 560m but has got no raid support.
MSI has a GTX 570m and RAID 0 support but i'm not so sure about its build and definitely asus's G74 looks better.

So, is the GT780DX's build equal to that of G74SX?
If its less, do i have to care about the difference over the advantage that i get GTX570 and RAID 0 support?

Are there any more cons to these models?

Also, how's MSI and ASUS reliability? and which has got better services in INDIA?


Broken In
Asus has a good reputation not that MSI is bad but Asus service centers are really srepad out and of all the laptop manufacturers Asus has a lower failure rate, so Asus !
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