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  1. K

    Ragnarok Online 2

    Anyone playing Ragnarok and if yes what is ur char name? Lets catch up in-game.
  2. dashang

    Need ragnarok files for private server

    Anyone staying in mumbai can send me Ragnarok game [InRO] CD updated till now . I want to install private server "Avalon RO" and it need ' kRO and sakray files' . Having a dial-up modem connection , i m unable to download 1Gb file size from internet. ANYONE ABLE TO MAIL ME RAGNAROK KRO...
  3. blademast3r

    Any good korean style free mmorpg??

    hey guys cud u suggest me ne good korean stule free mmo?? shud be pretty low on sys requirments...a bit betta than ragnarok tho....i tried silkroad but its kinda too laggy and crowded....
  4. entrana

    ragnarok online 2!!

    hello all ragnarok lovers. the only working server for ro2 is out . find it at euphro2.com . i didnt try it yet but just wanted to inform all the people who love ragnarok
  5. dashang

    Need a good MMORPG

    i m looking for MMORPG game like ragnarok . 2d online games if anyone can get some please reply
  6. harryneopotter

    Any Ragnarok players here ....

    Hi friends ....... have u heard of the MMORPG named RAGNAROK ... If you are a Ragnarok hater or something thn plz stay away from this thread So any players here ???????
  7. blademast3r

    From where can i download ragnarok?

    Hey pls gimme link to download ragnarok ....its not there on website...
  8. blademast3r

    Game like ragnarok?

    Hey i used to enjoy playin ragnarok till the time they made it pay per month.... So is there any game like ragnarok? i mean with simplish rag kinda grafix, gameplay? oh ya and it shud br free!!! Thanks
  9. ashfame

    Level Up, Indiatimes Offer Ragnarok

    Source : http://www.techtree.com/techtree/jsp/article.jsp?article_id=73618&cat_id=585&source=tt_dl&email=ashfame@hotmail.com Level Up Network India, the country's first publisher of multiplayer online games, has announced that it has entered a strategic alliance with indiatimes.com to...
  10. jamyang312

    Where can i get the ragnarok?

    Where can i get the ragnarok free online game cd? :? will i find it on the internet?
  11. yash

    ragnarok isnt dead yet!!!

    hi i was expecting the game thread to be dominated by ragnarok because ragnarok first came with the digit magazine, and i am from the ragnaboards forum.and afaik someone from ragnaboards is also on the digit forum. so all those worrying about whether its paid or not, its stil free and...
  12. sujithtom

    Ragnarok is now a prepaid game!

    In a sudden action without notice soon after a 4 hour Maintenance all ragnarok players saw the following message on their client window: Ragnarok was to be made paid in March but something help them up. I think now the no of ppl playing will decrease :cry: :cry: :cry: :( :(
  13. xenkatesh

    A New MMORPG For Ragnarok Fans!! No lag!! No Bot!!

    Hey Guys.. Check the new game from sify.. This is similar to Ragnarok.. fully 3D nice graphics nice game play check it today.... Website : www.a3india.com
  14. sujithtom

    Hey guys don't you Ragnarok???

    Man i can't see any ragnarok related stuff here. Digit has given it free 2 times and even our mods are heavy players. I am already addicted to it.
  15. casanova

    Digit in Raganarok

    Hi, digit proves very useful to me and digit patrons also. So I thought about organising a guild in Ragnarok. I want to name it as "Digit Patrons in Rune Midgard". But yes for that I want digit patrons playing Raganarok. so give the suggestions with your levels and character in Ragnarok.
  16. S

    Ragnarok online tournament

    How many of you guys are going to participate in the Ragnarok Online Tournament. Please vote 'YES' if you are and 'NO' if you are not
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