1. mikael_schiffer

    I thought IE 11 was Good, but it looks like $hit

    Today, by mistake somehow i opened Internet Explorer. I was quiet surprised by how different it looked. Upon closer inspection i found it is Internet Explorer 11. I dont recall downloading it ever.. Anyways.... Once i started opening up pages i was quiet surprised at all the visduals. Something...
  2. G

    Can't disable AMD Cool n Quiet. Please help!

    My Conf. is AMD Phenom II 1055T X6 2.8ghz, 8GB DDR3 1333mhz RAM, Gigabyte GA-880GM-UD2H motherboard, MSI R7770 1GB DDR5 graphics card, Cooler Master Extreme Power Plus 600W PSU. Whenever i am gaming on Win 7 Home premium genuine 64bit, my FPS are very unstable going down from 50-60 to 4-5 on...
  3. R

    AMD Cool n Quiet query

    What is AMD Cool n Quiet feature?? What are pros and cons of this feature?? Should i ran pc with Cool n Quiet on or off?? First time i rate the pc the score of processor is 7.3 but after re rating it shows only 4.7:cry: i tried many times with cool n quiet off but it fixed to 4.7, how to...
  4. S

    Need Help for Cooler Master 690 Cabinet

    Hello Friends, I am Having CM 690 Cabinet , and using the same from last one Year, I am quiet Happy with that. But one issue i am facing recently, There is a lot of Noise Generated by the Fan running under Cabinet , Total No. of Fans installed Under Cabinet is 2 including Processor one. and...
  5. T

    Quiet and Cool Graphic Card Under 7k

    Hello, My Config is in my signature. The GTS 250 I am running is noisy and big. It is overlapping my Mobo's SATA Connections so I cant add anything. I am not a HARDCORE gamer. I use a 19" Monitor with 1400x900 max res which I am not upgrading for a LONG time. So I want something...
  6. R

    MTNL 3G Data Card in Delhi

    Hii guys.. I was searching for the best available wireless net connection in Delhi and came across the MTNL 3G Data Card, which has pretty attractive tariff plans (Rs. 650 for 2 GB, 850 for 5 GB!). Is there anyone using it? I heard that MTNL after sale service is quiet poor. But looking at the...
  7. ajai5777

    Overclocking and AMD Cool n Quiet

    I posted this in overclocking section but nobody replied there thats why posting again here. I have sucessfully overclocked my Athlon II X4 630 to 3.5GHz.The core voltage is at 1.44 and the power draw of my entire PC shown in APC powerchute is 140W in idle.My PC is on 24X7 and I dont need...
  8. ajai5777

    Overclocking and AMD Cool n Quiet

    I have sucessfully overclocked my Athlon II X4 630 to 3.5GHz.The core voltage is at 1.44 and the power draw of my entire PC shown in APC powerchute is 140W in idle.My PC is on 24X7 and I dont need 3.5GHz (250 x 14) all the time.I have heard that AMD Cool n Quiet works fine even in the...
  9. P

    Cool 'N' Quiet AM3 motherboard with best onboard graphics

    Hi Please recommend a Cool 'n' Quiet motherboard for Athlon II X2 Regor 2.8GHz CPU with best Onboard Video Graphics Chipset for a limited Budget. Thanks
  10. cute.bandar

    silent and power effecient gpu within 3k

    Looking to buy a gpu for around 3k . But I am obsessed about having a quiet PC . So my gpu must be a quiet and low power consuming gpu . recommendations?
  11. P

    Cool 'n' Quiet - Phenom 2 X4 920

    Hi, I cant get the Cool N Quiet working on my M3A78-EM with my Phenom 2 X4 - 920. I have Cool N quiet turned on BIOS. The speed is steady at 2800 when i tested using Cool N Quiet Application from ASUS and CPU-Z as well. I am on the latest BIOS version. Any suggestions please...
  12. Krazy_About_Technology

    Lotus Symphony Office Suit matches up closely with MS Office :-)

    Hi Guys, With October 2007 issue of Digit, i got the Lotus Symphony Office suite installer like everyone. I decided to give it a try. Apart from some installation issues i found this suit quiet good for general purpose office tasks. It includes a word processing application, a spreadsheet and...
  13. rakeshishere

    TweakUAC 1.0

    TweakUAC is a freeware software utility that can be used to quickly turn UAC (User Account Control of Microsoft Windows Vista) on or off, or to make UAC operate in the quiet mode. Turn UAC off This option turns UAC off completely. If this is what you want, select this option, press OK, restart...
  14. anantkhaitan

    Grub Problem

    I have a dual boot configuration with Fedora Core on hda1 Primary partition Dream Linux in hda5 Logical Partition But I am unable to boot Dreamlinux, I don't know what is the problem Content of my /boot/grub/grub.conf :
  15. ╬Switch╬

    Google ANSWERS discontinued!!!!

    Does anyone know why ANSWERS has been discontinued??????? Feels quiet strange to me.
  16. K

    Best cell in 10k to 14k budget

    As i've observed, the 10k to 14k price range is one of the hottest in the market and is within reach of quiet a lot of people and everyone trying to get their hands on the models lying in this budget. The list of available models in this range itself is quiet impressive, ranging from smartphones...
  17. __Virus__

    Song recording from sound card

    Hi All, Was just wondering how to record a song without a mic when its being played. I have some protected wma files which wont play without those license acquisition and take quiet a while and if there is no active internet connection, they just dont play. So if someone can put some light :)
  18. A

    what do u download using torrents

    everyone has been using torrents for quiet sometime. now just wanted to know what you ppl download using torrents?
  19. J

    How to enable Cool n Quiet

    Hi AMD experts, I just purchased a new AMD system, having AMD Athlon 3200+ and Gigabyte MOBO (having Nvidia 6100 ). I have installed the Cool n Quiet driver for AMD. I have Windows Xp SP2. I have enabled "minimum power saving" in the power schemes of Windows XP. The motherboard doesnot have a...
  20. D

    Cool n Quiet stopped working

    See the system specs in the siggy. Cool n Quiet was working fine. I reinstalled Windows and installed the same drivers that I had been using before, but Cool n Quiet isn't working anymore. I use CPU-Z to check the frequency. Initially it used to drop to about 994 Mhz at 0% load but now it stays...
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