1. meetdilip

    Redmi Note 4G battery drains quickly

    I have a 4 month old Redmi Note 4G. Since last two days, battery is draining pretty quickly. Assuming it is covered under warranty, how can I get it replaced ?
  2. GhorMaanas

    chromecast - n00b requires some quick advice about it

    hello! the youtube app on my tv (panasonic 50vt20) expired a few months back. was looking for an alternative to play youtube vids properly since then. will then chromecast device be good to stream the vids on it? if yes, then shall quickly buy it from snapdeal as a member has got a coupon for...
  3. amruth kiran

    Weight loss query

    Well I guess some of us know how it feels to have a semi pot belly sticking out as we game on for hours together.. I've always been "big" , genes I guess but currently am 6'1" and weigh 90kgs approx. My trials with jogging or running or yoga and even the gym have all been a short term course and...
  4. the great one

    Asus fonepad

    Hi there I am about to buy asus fonepad7 2013 for abt 14k appx. I want to the reviews of the tab , from those who hav used it Also I want to is it worth spending 14K on asus Kindly rply quickly thank you......
  5. Nipun

    Need an all-in-one printer in 10k for occasional use.

    Hello, I need a printer for home-use, to be used once or twice in a month, for printing 10-15 pages of text + images on every use. My last printer from HP(8 years old) had a stupid driver and it irritated me very much. Looking for something with better software driver this time. Also, since...
  6. Nerevarine

    Gigabyte PoweRock 550w PSU

    Is it a good PSU.. It is 80 Plus certified and i can get it for 2320 from ebay.. Pleaae suggest asap as i will need it before monday.. so have to order quickly Thanks in advance cant buy corsair as there is no service nearby..
  7. Sujeet

    MSI GTX550Ti 1GB Cyclone II VS. Sapphire HD6770 1GB GDDR5

    Among the MSI GTX550Ti and sapphire HD Radeon 6770 which is better ! Please suggest about the best one on the basis of performance and benchmarks..value for money,etc not necessary! Have to get one for my friend!:lol: Ofcourse it will be used for Heavy gaming ! Specially for handling 3d apps...
  8. prateekdwivedi1

    urgent help needed in deciding between phones please help

    hey i am a bit confused and would really apreciate some help with choosing between nexus s optimus black and galaxy sl updates are not a priority,mark you but music playback,games,smooth overall expierience and app support sure is do help quickly. have to buy it tomorrow so please help...
  9. Arnab boss

    suggest a gpu for my rig..

    hi guys, almost played games with my onboard graphics but now its time to get agpu for my rig..!! i will b playing games in mid settings o no hi fi gpu and i want to strict my budget btwn 6k and how is 6770 in this range..>> need ur suggestions quickly as i am going to buy it on friday so...
  10. G

    Sony attacked again: 24.6 million accounts compromised

    Sony Corporation and Sony Computer Entertainment announced today that their ongoing investigation of illegal intrusions into Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) systems revealed that hackers may have stolen SOE customer information on April 16, 2011 and April 17, 2011. Unlike the first time, Sony...
  11. V

    please help

    i have 2 computers 1 with net another without.now i want to know which anti-viruses can i use in my machine without internet,paid or free, that can be installed and updated offline?please help quickly.
  12. eggman

    Suggest some ggod sites for apartment hunting in bangalore...

    Actually I need a 1BHK flat near Whitefield quickly .... Any other information is also welcomed!!
  13. V

    Anybody in Gentoo

    I had tried gentoo guide many times but cant get confident , i badly need gentoo get installed , may suggestions had been poured , like gentoo guide and gentoo forums , but my precise answer are still in dark .. Any one who can quickly show hot to install gentoo , i had stage3 and portage with...
  14. C

    Project Help

    Guys, I Need a Project of any type in PHP or HTML or Java for my college. Can anyone suggest me from where I can get "readymade" project so that I can submit my project quickly. ? Waiting for reply...
  15. Gigacore

    GMail gets auto-replies

    This is probably more useful than GMail's last experimental new feature (Mail Goggles): Canned responses (see Official GMail blog). You can now save a reply you're writing as a "canned response" and then quickly select one of these responses when you're replying to a future e-mail. You can...
  16. L

    SUIT INTEGRATION TOOLKIT EXECUTABLE error while the installation of visual studio2005

    Yaar i face such a strange problem...plz plz help me quickly as my all the study work is stopped coz of this thing... when i install microsoft visual studio 2005, suddenly very quickly at the starting of the installation i got the error shown in the attached photo.. i get the error of SUIT...
  17. Pearl Groupz

    What an idea!

    Another sophisticated ideas to go quickly from top to bottom during office hours ..
  18. GeekyBoy

    New fone for Rs 5K...

    My sister wants to buy a new phone-budget Rs 5000. It has to have a camera and should be of Nokia only. I have shortlisted 2 models- the 5200 and the 3110 classic. Which would be better?Whose music quality and whose camera is better? Please post quickly as she will be buying the set...
  19. goobimama

    Petition: Elimination of the 60 second timer between posts

    If anyone hasn't noticed, it is really irritating. Most of the times, quickly check my UserCP and want to reply on all the subscribed threads. Quickly. But noooo. I have to wait 60 seconds between each post that I make. I realise it's to prevent spammers, but common, we don't have any of...
  20. ComputerUser

    Battery drains quickly

    Only a month has gone and my motherboard battery has drained. Why? It has also happened before.
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