1. JohnephSi


    I ve a nokia 5200 .Whenever i play a video file sounds play faster than the video.Sound firdt and usually follow by the video.Plz tel me how can i solve.I need to no it quickly.
  2. bikdel

    when will the LGA 775 processor lineup be dropped?

    when is intel going to advance its processors to a new SOCKET... i was disappointed at how quickly the socket 478 got displaced....... anyways when will probably new sockets come up??
  3. casanova

    Laptop under 35k

    Hi all. My friend called me today as he wants to buy a laptop. His budget is max 35k but prefers around 30k. He needs a Vista ready lappy with Core2Duo. Please suggest quickly as he plans to buy it today itself as he wants to come to Pune tomorrow. He will be bying this in Mumbai.
  4. anandk

    Minimalist Explorer Breadcrumbs Tool for XP.

    Rather than navigating step-by-step through your folder hierarchy -- view your folders quickly and go directly to any location with a single click. Explorer Breadcrumbs is an add-in for Windows Explorer which contains a contextual series of buttons that allows you to quickly see and...
  5. L

    No on wanna los his gf

    Hello frnds R u a subscriber???????? then perhaps u wd have issues the worst is late delivery the reward of being a LOYAL READER of digit is that u get ur issue when the 5 yrs old kid finished the latest digit n takes away ur techy gf (JUST ONE SCENARIO) & u smash ur head into ur screen...
  6. skaarj

    Motorola ROKR E6! ;)

    Its a Motorola ROKR E6 music edition phone with 1 GB memory stick. Its only 3 days old. I want to sell it as I was gifted a N95. So I just wanna sell it off quickly!! MUMBAI ONLY!!
  7. A

    which one shud i go for????

    hey guys....i am really confused about buying a wireless headphones with mic for my PC.....are these wireless headfones good for PC's???because i use mic a lot....Please answer as quickly as possible and tell me any products and their cost related to it.
  8. A

    Gmail unreliable?

    Google's Gmail service and you are using it for anything that you consider critical, I suggest you read this set up a Gmail account earlier this year. I soon grew to love its, yes, quirky ways of organizing messages as conversations; I didn’t have to worry about size; I never got spam; and...
  9. eggman

    Nokia 6270 or SE k750i?

    Thread title says it all Plz tell quickly
  10. M

    PLZ help quickly ??SONY DW_Q8 DVD WRITER ??

    can anyone give information about this writer.
  11. S

    problem with nokia 6600

    please help i have nokia 6600 it has new battery it loses the battery power very quickly i have change battery but still it give same problem please help
  12. q3_abhi

    Playstation 2 software

    Can anyone give me a good Playstation 2 software. If Yes,will it work?? I have a celeron 1.7 Ghz, SiS 650 onboard graphics, A Combo Drive. Thanks (in advance). Please tell me quickly, i want 2 spend my summer holidays,just finished std 10 th. :D :D
  13. S

    How to install SuSE 9.1 ?

    Hi! frnds, I copied the ISO image of SuSE 9.1 to a CD using Nero. Now I hve WIN XP SP2. How do I install SuSE 9.1 on my PC? Also, will my computer ask me which O.S. to open during booting? Pleaser reply quickly.. >> Siddhartha
  14. S

    learning linux

    can u tell me which site is very easy & quickly learn linux
  15. P

    Need a Software 2 create Flow charts pretty fast!!!!

    Hey guys it's project report time in my college & i need a software 2 create flowcharts which will allow me complete many flowcharts quickly plzz suggest the best s/w avilable 4 download on the net. :(
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