Gigabyte PoweRock 550w PSU


Is it a good PSU.. It is 80 Plus certified and i can get it for 2320 from ebay.. Pleaae suggest asap as i will need it before monday.. so have to order quickly

Thanks in advance

cant buy corsair as there is no service nearby..


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Hey buddy... I also want to buy a good psu...I was looking for corsair cx430..if there's no service in your area you can directly ship it to the distributors if anything goes wrong..


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I would suggest get FSP Saga 2 500w an alternative with just 200 bugs extra you get good piece of mind.

Whats your pc spec . its must for better psu suggestion.

Let us know.


Yes but there is NO corsair service center nearby,and no FSP service center nearby.. However there is a Gigabyte service center, which is why i was opting to buy that..
Please suggest.. Nearby shops are littered with crap iball and zebby psus

Rest of the rig
i3 2100
4gb ram
Asus p8h61
Dell IN2030M
No Gfx card for now, but I will be adding HD 6850 or HD 7770 Later on
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