Need a phone with range 7K - 8K with good Camera quality.


Behind Enemy Lines
1. Budget?
7K - 9K
2. Display type and size?
Not enough experience with displays but my last two device had IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors and it was comfy;5 inch or 4.7.
3. Dual sim?
4. Preferred choice of brand?
5. What camera option you want (flash, front facing camera)?
Front facing,flash.
Camera quality gets the priority.
6. Preferred operating system? (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, etc).
7. Preferred connectivity options (3G, 4G ready).
4G ready.
8. Primary use of handset (multimedia, camera, internet, gaming etc)?
9. Any specific mobile phones in consideration?
Xiaomi Redmi 3S
10. Any other info that you want to share
Camera is of the priority,and please suggest the one with a good warranty,like MI protect or such and build quality? I know I am asking a lot in this price range but build quality if such phone exist is of the second priority.

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