1. ico

    UPS and Active PFC Power Supply compatibility table.

    The electricity which comes to your home, your AC supply is a pure sinusoid wave. But there are two types of UPS in the market: 1) Pure Sinewave UPS: which produce pure sinusoid AC. 2) Stepped Sinewave UPS or Modified Sinewave UPS: which produce an 'approximate' sinusoid AC. Power Factor...
  2. rakesh_sharma23

    600 Watt budget PSUs Battle

    600 Watt budget PSUs Battle Corsair VS650 - vs - Cooler Master MasterWatt 600 - vs - Antec VP650 I have reviewed few PSUs in past two years or so mostly all were higher end expensive computer PSUs and I am constantly asked by many to suggest a budget gaming PSU or review one. I have few...
  3. S

    what is the best GPU that doesn't need a good PSU to work

    Hey! I was just wondering , what is the best GPU that doesn't need a good PSU to work? Ive got one of those iBall PSUs. Whats the best GPU that can work without to much of hassle on it? Also can you give the card's estimated performance on GTA V Thanks in Advance! Shiva
  4. Desmond

    Govt. planning to shutdown Air India, MTNL and HMT among other Public Sector Undertakings.

    Synopsis: Five public sector undertakings (PSUs) will be closed down by the government, which has included some of the best known state-run enterprises like Air India, MTNL and Hindustan Shipyard, in the list of 65 sick PSUs, Lok Sabha was informed on Tuesday. Source: Govt to shut down Air...
  5. R

    Antec BP450PS 450W Power Supply Review

    INTRODUCTION Antec recently expanded their BP series with the addition of the BP 450 and the BP 550. The BP series is essentially their entry level line of PSU and mainly cater to office/daily computing type of systems. There have been many attempts by a lot of companies to make an impact on...
  6. M

    UPS for 42" TV system

    Hi all. I have these devices that need to be protected from power cuts and brownouts: 42" LED-backit LCD - max. 85W BD player - 9W Tata Sky STB - 25W ADSL modem and router - 10W So all in all, 130W. Now, I had read that pure sinewave UPSes are better for setups involving PSUs, fans...
  7. maverick786us

    Corsair HX and AX Series PSUs

    Why are Corsair HX and AX series PSUs insanely priced in indian market? In use the difference between TX series and HX/AX series PSUs is from 14 to 44 US$ and over here the prices are insane
  8. avichandana20000


    This is a Ready Reckoner for the mostly used PSUs.
  9. G

    Suggest cheapest reliable PSU for HD 7770!!

    Guys, can a 350W PSU's suffice HD 7770?? Link --> Power Supplies - - Buy Tech Online Now!!! FSP SAGA II 350 350W Power Supply - Rs.1,686 FSP SAGA II 400 400W Power Supply - Rs.1,968 Link --> Theitdepot - Power Supply (PSU) Corsair VS Series VS350 - Rs.2,115 Is there...
  10. A

    Whether to prepare for CAT or PSU's !!

    Hi I am a final year student persuing in EE from a reputed govt engg coll.I am already placed in TCS.I have GATE on 10th feb and i am pretty sure that i will not be able to get an AIR under 300 rank which is essential for a PSU.I don't want to do an M.TECh so a rank >300 is of no use for...
  11. cacklebolt

    Need Review about Circle company

    My friend and me were discussing about PSUs and he mentioned a company called Circle which makes PSUs and cabinets. He repeatedly kept saying that they make good products.Am listing their website.Please provide a review. website And I forgot to mention their website and products looks...
  12. thetechfreak

    Corsair Launches CX Series Modular Power Supplies

    Source- Corsair Launches CX Series Modular Power Supplies - PSU - Press Release - CX Series
  13. M

    Need suggestion on PSU for the following Spec!

    I am building a new Mid range Gaming PC(My first self assembled PC!)...I am having problems on selecting the PSU and its getting out to be a pain in the a**. People are scaring the sh* out of me that i could crap my motherboard if i use a dumb PSU. Here is the SPEC: CPU: AMD FX 6100 @ 3.3 GHz...
  14. topgear

    Megatest: 43 PSUs from 500 to 700 watt

    Introduction When you're trying to figure out how much juice your next PC will need, you quickly end up with a capacity of between 500 and 700 watts. Since power supplies range in price from £50 to £125 and up, how much do you really need to spend for a reliable and quiet PSU? Hardware.Info...
  15. D

    NZXT & Seasonic availability in Hyderabad ?

    Hi guys, could anyone please tell me where i can get NZXT cabinets & Seasonic psu's in hyderabad. Most of the dealers say they never heard of these brands.
  16. The Sorcerer

    Corsair TX V2 series announced and Released in India

    Source Edit 1: Official pricing · TX850 V2- Rs.7,500 · TX750 V2-Rs.6,500 · TX650 V2-Rs.5,500
  17. maverick786us

    XFX Power Supplies

    I am a big fan of Corsair PSUs, untill I came across this artical. I still love Corsair PSUs, but I consider it pricy. But after reading this aritcal I found a new hope that XFX PSUs are less expensive compared to Corsair and after going through their specs. It looks as good as Corsair PSU. So...
  18. Anubis

    How is MSI P55 CD 53 ?

    Guys how is MSI P55 CD 53 ? Actually Gigabyte GA P55 UD2 is not available MSI P55 GD 65 actually has problems working with Corsair PSU's . So i am a little scared ? IS MSI P55 CD 53 good ?
  19. Revolution

    PSU Help !!!!!

    Hey, Do anyone know the price of Powersafe 400W Silver/Gold and VIP 450W in Kolkata ? And where can I get those PSUs in Kolkata ? Thank you.....
  20. utsav

    Trade from Bazaar Section Gone Bad

    i started a thread in the bazaar section wanting to buy a AGP card.many people contacted me and i bought a 6600GT AGP card from a member here. The card did not ran on my pc,not even in any pc i checked.i spent over 300Rs as fuel expenses to roam about in every computer shop in my city to...
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