1. SunnyGamingHD2

    PS/2 Mouse,for Rs 700/ to 800

    Hi TDF :)!! my mouse middle mouse button is not working so i thought of buying a new one (PS/2 Port) hit me with suggestions please thanks:) edit: Desktop mouse not laptop and i have big hands thanks :)
  2. M

    Have you come across such a mobo..

    I have an IDE HDD, a PS/2 mouse and a PS/2 keyboard that I would like to continue using and I have been on a lookout for a motherboard (AM3 or H67 based) that has one IDE port and two PS/2 ports available. So far I have only found mobos (like GA-880GM-USB3 rev 1.x) with one IDE and one PS/2...
  3. Siddharth_1

    PS/2 keyboard not works in BIOS but not in Windows 7

    I have a ps/2 keyboard. I recently upgraded to windows 7 64 bit, but my keyboard stopped working. It works fine in BIOS. It worked fine in windows 7 32 bit. MAINBOARD - MSI Z68MA ED55 (B3)
  4. RCuber

    Keyboard PS/2 to USB converter problem

    Hey guys, I recently upgraded my system, but I kept my old PS/2 Logitech keyboard as it is still in good condition as well as it comfortable. now coming to the point. 1. My motherboard doesn't have a PS/2 port. 2. I used a generic PS/2 to USB converter which has got ports for both Keyboard...
  5. Faun

    No PS/2 connector

    Asus Z68 V Pro doesn't have any PS/2 connector. How much will this affect installing OS, will the keyboard be recognized ? Anyone have any experience with this ?
  6. metalfan

    Urgent Help Required !!!Keyboard Not working!!!

    I just turned my pc on and " 2 s w x " keys were not working just bought a new microsoft ps/2 KB (earlier one was also ps/2) but in this one too certain keys are not working.......wats wrong wid my Kb .....I dont think its a port problem cauz some keys are working ...Is it a driver...
  7. D

    Serious issue.PC doesnot boot. Please help.

    Heres the problem-when i switch on my pc the cpu starts fine,all fans spin,the graphic card's fan also spins.but the monitor shows "no signal". At first it booted till POST & stuck at "initialising usb controllers". After that it doesnot display anything at all.after some time it did boot but...
  8. B

    Cable Converters

    would anybody like to tell me howmany type of calbe converter available in market ? e.g. USB TO PS/2 , USB etc.
  9. S

    prob with the new keyboards

    I just bought a new machine with DP35DP mobo......and it does not have ps/2 pin for key board but i bought a ps/2 pinned kbd ..... then bought a extension for that converts ps/2 into USB...... now i have problem ... media buttons r not working..... I have logitec keboard......
  10. Renny

    Nothing seems to work.

    Just installed Zenwalk 5, Even here the comp hangs in Xfce desktop environment, Which other linux cud i try for my system? PIII 700MHz, 256MB RAM, 20GB HDD, Intel 810 chipset, PS/2 keyboard and mouse, 15" CRT Moniter. PS - Ive already tried Ubuntu, Gentoo, Slackware, Fedora and all of...
  11. B


    plz tell me where to find driversfor these hardwares...... Intel C2D E6300 1.86GHz Intel DG965WH with G965 chipset Seagate 80GB Hadrdisk Nvidia 6200 geForce Tubro cache Soft v92 modem hp psc 1100 Lg DVD RW 16x dvd writer Sony Cd Rw 52x32x52x CD Writer pctv pro 3 tv tuner billionton...
  12. R

    FC6 installation on D101GGC mother board

    Hi, My configurations are Intel D101GGC motherboard with ATI Radeon Xpress 200 onboard display, Creative Live! sound card, 512MB, 2 80GB IDE connected as Masters, LG CD-RW and Samsung 16X DVD ROM, PS/2 keyboard and PS/2 OPtical logitec mouse, Inel Dualcore 2.66 CPU. When i tried to install FC6...
  13. S

    URGENT!!!Problem with mercury 810 motherboard....solution required

    hi, this is all about my old PC which i bought in year 2002.It has mercury 810 motherboard with intel chipset.The processor is P3 1 Ghz.Recently i bought a new PC and now i want to sell the older one. as u might know,810 MB has all the ports not onboard except for the keyboard PS/2 port.and...
  14. uzair

    USB or useless B

    Recently i purchased this optical mouse(lg) with a usb pin.... the problem is win 98 doesn't detect it..... so i was thinking about getting a usb to ps/2 connector.... will it get detected then???? No driver cd was bundled with the mouse... must be a plug and play one...
  15. R

    Dexxa optical ps/2 mouse model M-SBA66, windows 98

    I have windows 98 on my laptop. On connecting a dexxa optical ps/2 mouse, model M-SBA66, I can not scroll with the wheel, nor get the side buttons to work. I have lost the installation floppy discs. I can't seem to find the drivers on net. Help anyone? regards, Rajeev.
  16. jamyang312

    ps/2 and usb help! urgent,,,

    hi, i hav bought a microsoft wired keyboard 500 having a ps\2 connection.however,i don't have any ps\2 ports,rather i have 2 usb i have to buy a ps/2 to usb adapter only from microsoft so that the keyboard works fine in my win xp sp2? I had also tried a nameless ps/2 to usb adapter and...
  17. B

    alternate to PS/2???

    i just wanted to know whether the PS/2 port in a system can be replaced?? i doubt mine has some problems. i know usb is an option, but are there any other options of replacing the ps2 port, can that be done??or something like addtional usb is there anything available for ps2 ???? does anyone...
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