Urgent Help Required !!!Keyboard Not working!!!


Modern Philosopher
I just turned my pc on and " 2 s w x " keys were not working .....so just bought a new microsoft ps/2 KB (earlier one was also ps/2) but in this one too certain keys are not working.......wats wrong wid my Kb .....I dont think its a port problem cauz some keys are working ...Is it a driver problem, if it is then plz suggets me drivers for win xp 3 bit
Plz reply quick its quite hard to type from on screen KB.....


15.0 GHz
its not a driver problem. Check the same KB @ your friend's place and still if the problem persists take it to the store and replace it.


Cyborg Agent
try creating a new user from user accounts. log into that user to see if it fixes the issue.
if that doesn't help try a live linux cd , to find out if its an OS issue.
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