1. gameranand

    Changing File Property from System file to Normal

    I downloaded some files in my college but unfortunately that PC was infected badly so it basically changed all the files properties to System Files and Hidden. As the files are system files so I am unable to unselect the hidden property which is a real pain for now as I have to use the Folder...
  2. S

    is dual channel property lost on installing 6 GB RAM?

    hi, my mobo supports dual channel ddr2 memory. i have already installed 2x2GB and the dual channel mode is shown in cpu-z. question is - if i install another 2 gb stick (total 6GB), will the dual channel property be lost or 2 sticks will continue in dual channel mode and the 3rd on single...
  3. A

    Notebook lcd screen leaves patches when touched from back

    Hii!! everyone My dad bought a Dell Vostro 1520 Notebook for my bro in Oct 2009. After my bro's recommendation my dad bought the same laptop in Feb 2010 for me also. We ( The two brothers) met on this Diwali at home. I noticed that when there is a little pressure of fingers etc on LCD screen...
  4. Desmond

    Blank property box in Visual Studio 2008 Professional

    When I try to make a new project in Visual Studio 08 Pro, I am unable to set any properties for the form because the property box is blank. I tried in VB as well as in C#, but the problem is the same. I tried to check Tools>Options and under Windows Forms Designer, here too the page is blank...
  5. J

    Display property is not opening...

    Friends, If i right click desktop and try to open the dispaly properties. It is not opening . Please help me out Thanks and regards JC
  6. superczar

    The dawn of the anti-Fanboy

    Hilarious stuff Source: * Fanboys vs. Anti-Fanboys Today I would like to discuss with you those ever bothersome nuisances known as fanboys and their equally, if not more, annoying counterparts, the anti-fanboys. Yes friends, believe it or not...
  7. iMav

    Google to buy Digg

    View Full Article: TechCrunch
  8. jxcess2

    Have you invested?

    Since India is shining and many youngsters today are earning incomes which their parents could only dream of when they were their ages, investing today shud not be disregarded. I've invested around 2 lacs in mutual funds, a little in LIC and NSC, a little in PF and have little amounts in 5...
  9. CadCrazy

    Ballmer threatens Linux and open source with patents again

    At a small meeting of Web 2.0 developers and partners on Oct. 1 at Microsoft's London office, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer once more attacked Linux and open source for violating Microsoft's patents. The meeting was a Microsoft-sponsored event: the UK Microsoft Startup Accelerator Programme...
  10. Kaushal Hiwarkar

    How to hide folder

    Friends is there any free utility or software to hide a folder , if possible the whole drive. If yes then plz tell me I am in a desperate need of such utility. One more problem I am pressing right click of my mouse but it doesn't show any property window. However by pressing property button...

    file not delete.....ubuntu

    I have file(.doc) that downloaded from that time it was opened in open office without problem. then my computer didnt shut down properly. now that file doent open in any software and not delete(as a root or other user). I have open its property in permission tab "The...
  12. V

    Windows Property sheet

    hi ALL, 1)can anyone plz tell me how to disable the "property sheet" of any file.. When we right click we will see a context menu with the last one as properties.. which will display a set of properties such as General, Security etc. i want to disable this sheet... 2) how to "grey" the read only...
  13. freebird

    Ballmer Repeats Threats Against Linux

    read: *,130061733,339273726,00.htm this is the umpteenth reason why M$ sux:mad: Software patents are non existent...who one dare...unless he is microsoft fan:(
  14. gau_pppu

    on board graphics...........!

    I have intel D101ggc motherboard, 2.8ghz pentium processor & 512mb ddr ram which shows 448mb in my computer"s property. In my bios setting inside advanced there is an option "on board video memory" which shows four option ie 32,64,128,256mb. in which 64 mb is selected, now my qstn is that can i...
  15. K

    Counting Records In A Report In Ms Access

    I would like to count the number of records in a report formed from a query. I am getting "#Error?" message. I have entered control source property of the text box to Count(*) and am using MS Access 97. Kindly help.
  16. S

    Problem with double click as well as enter

    I m having a genuine problem. i hv a pc running ms windows xp, and whenever i try to open any icon by double clicking it, whether in explorer, or on desktop, the property window for that object opens up, ditto for selecting that item and pressing enter. PLZ HELP
  17. P

    help for editing XML property files from some java programs

    Hi all, these days i am in big trouble.... i have made a huge project by using java, j2ee, j2me and lots of other stuff, and it is platform independent, so anybody can use it either on windows or unix or something else..... the main problem which i am facing is that i want to make some...
  18. H

    modifing PNG icons help

    I have downloaded some png icons from the net to make to desktop enhancements . what happened is . I was fixed those icons in some apple kind of lunchbars . It was all ok and fine . trouble started when I tried to change the icon colour using irfanview ( just RBG to GRB type of thing and...
  19. A

    Knowledge share regarding MAC addresses

    Dear friends, Did u know that mac addreses of many PC's can be changed Visit: * But remember Not all LAN's hav the Mac address property. LANCER and Tech com were the companies who provided this property earlier This property is no...
  20. P

    [csharp] Simulating mouse movement and events

    anyone has code that can help me do the following in c# ? a) move the mouse on the screen, without physically moving the mouse (movement simulation) b) simulate a left, right or double click at the cursor's current position programatically.. have found the following code on msdn regarding...
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