modifing PNG icons help

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I have downloaded some png icons from the net to make to desktop enhancements . what happened is . I was fixed those icons in some apple kind of lunchbars . It was all ok and fine .

trouble started when I tried to change the icon colour using irfanview ( just RBG to GRB type of thing and nothing else ) . when I tried to save the file it asked some options . I saved it . but I see the png icon has changed its property . Its style became bad and it became ugly . also previously it was showing some kind of animation effect . Now those have stopped . Help me guys .

tell me how and which is the best way to modify PNG icon files .


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I don't think icons can be animated, can they?
And PNG extension is for still images, isn't it? :?


No but can anyone tell me what is the speciality of PNG icons? there must be something in it . I just tried to change its color and its beauty GONE !!the animations r through RKlauncher application .
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