help for editing XML property files from some java programs

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Hi all,

these days i am in big trouble.... i have made a huge project by using java, j2ee, j2me and lots of other stuff, and it is platform independent, so anybody can use it either on windows or unix or something else.....

the main problem which i am facing is that i want to make some installation file which will install my project in different operating systems, and my project also req. to set the environment variables and some properties in the XML property files, according to the operating system...

i have found many installer but no one help me out in my problem, where my instalation file will read my XML property files and allow user to edit that properties during the time of installation.....

hope you people can help me in this regard.

Pawan Mohan


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Have you tried Wise Installer? You can use WiseScript to read and write to XML files. It's a little complex, but I know it's possible. Don't know how, though :p
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