1. Mizanurification

    KZ ZS3 Problem

    Recently got a ZS3 from Aliexpress but the wires dont connect properly to the earbuds. Any modders here who can fix it?
  2. savithk

    why only youtube is working

    why only youtube is working properly (load full speed) other streaming video like dailymotion not loading properly . i uninstall flash player and reinstall but there is no change ...please guys help me my os windiws 7 x64
  3. V

    Comp boots properly, then slows down and pretty much stops working

    Hi, I have a Win 10 PC, assembled. It was working flawlessly till recently. Now, it boots up properly and for the first few minutes, it works well too. Then, it absolutely slows down and i can't open any application, be it Windows or others like Firefox etc. The surprising part is if i...
  4. N

    Is it my motherboard or RAM sticks?

    This the whole backstory below. Well I got a UPS and surprisingly the problem still persists. While messing around today I(again:lol:) discovered that when I removed a RAM stick, the PC booted up. Then I reseated it again and it still boots. I changed the channels. Ran memtest86 again...0...
  5. G

    update android using pc

    Hello digit, My sister has a micromax canvas a1. She got notification of android 5.1 update. But the problem is our wi-fi router is not working properly. So can I use my pc to download and install the update. My pc internet connection is working fine. Thanks.
  6. D

    Superuser not working in lollipop s4

    It says su binary needs to be updated although nothing is updated. The root is verified. Even titanium backup is not working properly.
  7. B

    What's the recommended settings for uTorrent to utilize full speed?

    I am on a 1.8 mbps connection and sometimes I see that uTorrent isn't utilizing my full speed even when there a lot of seeders! I found yesterday that it should be configured properly. Looked at Preferences under the app but other than the option number of connections and all I don't see much...
  8. adityak469

    What Accident Have Your Devices Been Into?

    It may be a mobile phone or a camera or anything but most of us have at least one experience of our device having an accident, may it be falling from a height or taking a dip in the water or anything. So why not share those experience and what you did to save the device and how you felt at the...
  9. saz

    FX 8320 overheating problem

    I have recently updated my processor to FX 8320, but yesterday while playing Batman Arkham origins my PC switched off abruptly. After reboot I got an error CPU overheat!!! and in bios when I saw the temp was 81C. Below is my complete config: CPU: FX 8320 Motherboard: Asus 990FX sabertooth...
  10. K

    Internet connection not working properly

    Hi Guys, It relates to Windows 7 ultimate. I have a paid version of K7 Total Security on my system. Sometimes the internet connection works properly. Sometimes it stays for some seconds or minutes and it start working. I think it is the adware or malware problem. Is there any completely free...
  11. Z

    how to configure dlink dsl 2750u router for bsnl broadband ?

    Hi,i bought dlink dsl 2750u router , but i am facing problems with my internet as it keeps disconnecting again and again. And when i restart it,it connects to internet again and then disconnects . So i was thinking it might not be configured properly. so please tell me exact configuration for...
  12. bssunilreddy

    Onboard core i3 4130 iGPU not running Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag properly!

    Hai, Onboard core i3 4130 iGPU not running Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag properly! I have already ordered Galaxy GTX650Ti Boost 2GB but it is out of stock in flipkart also even they have put it in stock.Is snapdeal a good site to order with the same GPU since they are a 500 rupees lesser than...
  13. Ashish1@1

    SD- HD FHD TV problem

    I just bought a Toshiba FHD PT200 And everything has gone hay wire since :( The SD content looks bad and I dont want tata sky HD as it takes a premium for HD access My questions 1. Give some settings to watch SD content properly 2. Give some DTH operator with attractive HD offers...
  14. quicky008

    Boot issues with system-need help(urgent)

    today my pc was working fine in the morning,but in the afternoon there was a power failure and so i had to shut it down.After the power was restored around 30 mins later,i turned my pc back on again.Although it did boot,there was no display-my LCD monitor,which was connected to my video card's...
  15. S

    need help in setting environment variable

    i tried to install some software but during installation error occurs which says "xcopy not recognized as internal or external command". i tried something with environment variables but didnt work properly. how can i fix it?? i use a windows 8 pc
  16. darkv0id

    Some websites are not loading properly

    Some of my frequently visited sites like Steam() and ThinkDigit forums are not loading properly. Occasionly this problem occurs with IGN and SteamCommunity as well. I've heard switching to GoogleDNS may solve this problem, should I try this? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  17. L

    Site not loading properly

    Hi, Well I'm facing an issue in accessing a site which used to load nicely even a few weeks ago but nowadays I find that site does not load properly.Instead a text interface comes up. I've tried clearing the cache and deleting all history but still it will not load.Once...
  18. mayank_agarwal

    Want to order Google Nexus 4 from US

    Hi there everyone!I am in need of help!My bro who lives in Hyderabad wants to order Google Nexus 4 from US.He wants to buy the 16GB version priced at $349 but he is worried.Though the Mobile Phone is tagged as Unlocked and Contract free, will it work in India properly without any problem?Plz...
  19. S

    How to Format External HDD Properly?

    Hi guys, I have 2TB Seagate FreeAgent goflex HDD + 2TB WD Elements HDD. I haven't faced any issues with them but I want to format both of them one by one to have a better longevity & performance. I am using my HDDs only for storage purpose, no back up & password protected stuffs are there...
  20. Panchu

    A mini (HT)PC for my torrent downloads. Help?

    I wish to build a mini budget PC/HTPC for my torrent downloads and that alone. Not sure if a Raspberry Pi can fulfill all my needs nor that I can set it up properly. :P Help me with something in a budget, read lowest, with low power consumption, a mini LCD screen? Its kinda urgent.
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