1. shreeux

    Need Best Future Proof Webcam ?

    Hi I like to buy Webcam for future HD Video chatting & Recording,Autofocus,Good light adjuster and MIC. budget is 3k-4k.
  2. bajaj151

    Is it safe to provide ID proof?

    Nowadays, courier company asking ID proof (Take the pic) at the time of delivery. Is this safe?
  3. shreeux

    Upgrade from CRT to LED Monitor?

    After 5 years of using CRT...Now i like to Upgrade to LED Monitor...So after upgrade needs to use another 5 years..So upgrade with future proof.... SIZE IS 24 to 27.. Budget will raise according to future proof..
  4. R

    Which is better GTX 660 2gb or Sapphire r9 270x

    Guyz, please let me know which of the two GPU is better GTX 660 2 gb or r9 270x 2 gb... Also, please let me know which one is more future proof
  5. sling-shot

    You are prohibited from changing your address by TRAI?

    Apologies for the title. I am going through an experience now. I bought a Sony Xperia ZR last month and needed a MicroSIM. As my existing SIM was older generation MiniSIM, it could not be safely cut down. I was asked to submit new set of documents to get this MicroSIM at an Idea franchisee. My...
  6. D

    Pre Activated SIM sold without ID proof

    Hi everyone, its been long time posted in digit. Today I went to buy new prepaid mobile (GSM) connection. The retailer (not showroom), gave me some numbers and when I asked when it will get activated, he said these are already activated. (He didn't even want my photo or id proof) I told him...
  7. bestpain

    which is better combo

    core i3 3220+gigabyte b75 or amd fx 8120 +ASUS M5A78L-M LX V2 Motherboard i need for gaming and need future proof....
  8. Ironman

    cctv / Surveillance camera

    i want a Cheap Vandal proof , water proof Surveillance camera for outdoor use target area around 40 to 45 feet away from camera Find me one please do you need any other informations? :-o some one is vandalizing my plants and stealing my cycle parts :evil:
  9. C

    Selected Dell XPS 14, wants to know ur opinion

    Hello Friends, I want to buy ultrabook. Features I am looking for are: 1. FHD 2. Dedicated GPU, can play two years old games. 3. Good battery back up. 4. decent speed. 5. weight as much less as possible 6. Future proof for atleast next three years. Wants to know your opinion on this. I don't...
  10. nikufellow

    [HELP] Any AMD a10 laptops out there yet ?

    My budget for a laptop is 35k+/- 5k am really amazed by the hp g6 2005ax - it is a power house on its own but having seen what trinity a8 can offer at such an affordable prices - i am forced to wait for the a10 models which will be arround 38-40k ,i assume, and will be more future proof . So...
  11. Y

    Which is more futureproof?

    buying a cpu n mobo is a big question to me i have researched a lot n thought of buying a z77 mobo n ivybridge cpu be exact asrock z77extreme4 n i5 3450 i will be buying ati 7850 no matter what...a lot of people said better buy a p67 mobo because it doesnot have a igpu n the reason why z77...
  12. M

    512 mb Vs 1 Gb ram?

    Hi dear friends i would like to buy a new phone. Budget is 15-19k and i like to use apps like the medscape and epocrates etc.. But i am confused bcoz i wants to buy a phone that is future proof for say 1.5 years at least so should i go for phone with 512mb Ram or 1 Gb ram? Does 1gb ram...
  13. M

    need a shock proof phone up to 15000 rs..

    Hi frnds i need a phone which is shock proof ,scratch resistant,dust proof up to price range 15000..........i m new on this forumso plz just tell me available option .......thanx in advance
  14. S

    Need a Future proof mobile.

    As you all are aware about the launch of 4g,i need something that is future proof, at-least for 3-4 years. I need a mobile phone which supports 4g and 5g. The following is what i need with mobile: Camera with flash light support(5-8megapixel or above will be fine) HDMI Support USB on the Go...
  15. Siddharth_1

    HD 7870 vs. HD 6970

    AMD Raedon HD 7870 and HD 6970 have almost the same cost but have difference in some of their technical specifications. Which one would have a better performance and at the same time would be more future proof. Also i want to that i should buy it from sapphire, xfx, msi or asus and which...
  16. A

    Any water-proof androids ?

    guys, I am aware about the Motorola Defy (Defy+). are there any other androids available in india which are water-proof, dust proof ? Do share if you know! Thanks !
  17. R

    Gaming RiG @ 40k

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? (Note: If you are planning to say multimedia, you will have to be more specific as all types of systems are capable of doing that) A: High End Gaming 2. Are you open to alternate ideas/products giving similar better performance but offering more VFM/...
  18. B

    need office rig!!

    already have Keyboard,mouse,LED Monitor. so only i want Proccy,mobo,ram,Cabinet,SMPS. budget up to 20K. pls. suggest me atleast 5-7 year future proof.
  19. eggman

    Doubts regarding ITR form e-filing

    Hi Ok so here is what happened. I invested around 100k LIC and PPF. However I could not submit the proof to my office and in the form 16 i received , the amount mentioned is 10k. I then talked to karvy iTrust , and upon their suggestion i filled 100k only in my IT return form. The Karvy...
  20. D

    bypassing cyberroam???

    our college has restricted our access to many websites like Facebook,youtube...and also restricted downloading using cyberoam security... so is there any way to bypass this security ?? as many people say that its almost hack proof... guys it would be a great favor if u'll help me out...
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