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  1. @

    How are private colleges, SRM, Manipal, Amity, VIT etc

    Guys how are these private colleges for Mtech Programmes ? Know anyone studying there ? Thank you !
  2. R

    Witnessing the prominent role off the NGOs

    If the time-tested and proven solution recommended by the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) is honestly implemented with due effort to a specific time-frame on a war footing, then several agencies will be willing to take the responsibility of solving the housing and slum problems in and...
  3. mati17

    Software for C

    Dear Forum, I am started learning 'C' Lang. Which software shud i install to make programmes in 'C' Language....?
  4. G

    tv tunner

    hello friends i want to know that how to record tv serials on pc. i am using zebronics tv tunner card but it has not any recording facillity but i want to record some of my favourites programmes so tell me any software.
  5. T

    98% Windows PCs at risk

    Virtually all Windows computers (more than 98 per cent) are running at least one unpatched application, and nearly half contain 11 or more programmes at risk from attack, are the alarming revelations of the Copenhagen-based security company Secunia. In the study, Secunia APS says that 98.1...
  6. R

    startup file

    is there any way to create any file which on being run puts a particular file in the startup programmes?
  7. ashfahan

    Disappearing icons help

    Hi there I installed 'peerguardian 2' and was watching clips from metacafe . Suddenly all my icons and taskbar disappear from the desktop.I could only get taskmanager window after pressing ctr+alt+del.I am not able to get any programmes even on restart. I have tryed to repair Xp but no...
  8. K

    N91 4gb/n72/5700

    Ok! N91 4GB is really cheap now. N72 is good value for money at 9.8k. 5700 is cool. How do one decide? My preference will be ability to use lots of software. I read an article long ago about N91 using a newer updated version of symbian and hence became incompatible with many existing third-party...
  9. dunno

    conversion help

    does adobe reader read .rar files? if not can anyone list good programmes which do so.. do list any conversion programmes too... thank u
  10. C

    formating hard disk keeping all the installed programmes

    I have xp home , the problem is that i need to reformat my hard disk and I have a couple of programmes installed which I had got from friends and don't have their backup setup files. can somebody tell me a way in which I can reinstall xp without loosing those programmes i.e these programmes...
  11. A

    backup existing programes

    hello everyone i had the pirated windows xp pro, now i to want buy a genuine one but after installation i know my present programes which are running like(mcafee virus scan,power dvd,nti cd dvd maker,dial up connection setting)will be cleared away and i have not the...
  12. photon

    How to modify Windows98 programe to run on XP

    i am having lot many programe which are made for 98.how they can be modified to run on XP? Otherwise , what are the files i should introduce in XP to run those programme? (As when i upgrade 98 to XP the programmes run on XP). but i do not want to disturb my system by removing XP and anstall98...
  13. R

    portable operating system with our own programmes in a cd

    I want to know whether it is possible to install the operating system on cd and other programmes which I require and take this CD wherever I want to work and use. :?:
  14. S

    Installation starts when opening some programmes.

    Dear Brothers. OS: Windows XP SP2 CPU:AMD Athlon 2000 XP Motherboard: Gigabyte 7VM333M-RZ(-C) RAM:512MB 333Mhz when i open programmes like Registry Mechanic or Microsoft Encarta some other programme's installation starts. Help me to solve my problem. Thank you in advance.
  15. R

    Shell programming

    Whats the command to run a .sh file?Can somebody give a link from where i can download solved shell programmes?
  16. R

    SQL Password

    How to change SQL username and password(sott/tiger)?Can somebody give a link from where i can download almost all the SQL & PLSQL commands and programmes?
  17. V

    Clean my Desktop

    Hi Guys... I need help to clean my desktop. I've Uninstalled all unnecessary softwares from my box but still comp takes time to boot. Because several programmes runniong in the background. I'll be thankful if anyone explain me which programmes are these like SVCHOST.exe and...
  18. R


    Today I saw the blue screen of death.It told that widows shut down due to file:ha10kx2k.sys. (page fault in non-paged area)Iwant to know how serious is the error and what should I do to prevent? Should I do run any maintenance utility programmes?
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