1. warfreak

    How much does professional data recovery cost?

    My secondary hard drive(Seagate Barracuda 1TB) recently started having issues and today, it seems to have finally died. It makes a clicking noise during boot and then spins down after a while. I had already taken backup of most of my critical data but left most of my other data on the drive...
  2. Vyom

    Dreamspark account doesn't show usual Visual Studio apps

    So I login to my normal dreamspark account today, and realized that Microsoft have removed the versions of Visual Studio like Visual Studio 2010 Professional, VS Professional 2013 etc and replaced it with a new single product, Visual Studio Community 2015. The same IDE is also shipped with...
  3. B

    Looking for: Someone like you! (Senior Developer RoR/Ruby Backend)

    Hi all - Digit Forum :) We are not based in India - but we are global employer and looking for someone like YOU! :) Please feel free to send your resume, or reply on this thread! For more information: Thank you!!! Help shape the next era of...
  4. T

    A rare moment is too costly to waste on a traditional compact flash.

    If you are photographer or a videographer, you understand the importance of rare moments, and how capturing that moment your equipment is a tricky task. However, all these experience goes to dust if the quality of the picture or video taken is not good. Thus a professional to take those...
  5. A

    Moto E for Professional

    What about a thread about MOTO E for only professional users? Like users who want to do editing and making documents? I thank everyone for posting threads:lol::lol::lol:
  6. B

    online link for download genuine windows XP Professional from windows site.

    I have genuine windows XP professional in my laptop, but the hard copy (CD) is lost but the key is still available on my laptop. How & from where I can download the genuine version. Please help ! because it is formatted now..
  7. U

    Laptop buying advice for professional needs - around 35k

    Hi All, I am looking for a laptop for my professional needs costing around 35k, max upto 40k. Preferring to buy a laptop with 3r gen Intel processors. Please suggest a good laptop in this range which will suit the below requirements. Thanks in Advance. :) 1) What is your budget? (INR...
  8. M

    how to buy professional video camera

    Dear Friends, Please suggest suitable professional video camera models to meet following needs: 1. To be used for recording documentaries outdoors 2. to be used for recording staged events after 6 pm (India) with sufficient lighting on stage 3. to be used for recording talks in studio 4...
  9. K

    Any recovery software?

    Hi Guys, It relates to windows xp professional. I deleted all website histories AND THE LIKE using FREE EDITION OFCCLEANER. Is there any free recovery software to recover everthing? In which place the visited website details will be stored on WINDOWS XP PROFESSIONAL?
  10. E

    help me withWindows XP Professional Download

    I need to wipe my computer and reinstall XP with the license key. But I can't find a copy of XP Professional x86 or x64. Where I can get the iso from? Thanks
  11. S

    need a review

    need a review of Samsung NP355V5C-S03IN and plz don't post link to flipkart. I need a professional review, so that i can purchase this laptop. Thank you.
  12. Ronnie11

    DSLR Camera required with a budget of 10000/-

    Hey guys,this is actually for a friend of mine...he is currently studying & as part of his course,he needs a professional DSLR camera...his budget is around 1 Lakh...its pls recommend a camera in this range..he plans to buy this week or so...
  13. A

    Help needed in selecting a laptop

    Here is a list I have made. Which one should I go for and why? And also whichever I go for it should have windows 7 professional!! Or any other please let me know.
  14. Ricky

    Pen tablet adivce

    HI I have been asked to get information about Pen tablet device. Need device to create artwork on computer. Anyone with experience about pen tablets and what would the best one for basic professional need or say entry level professional device ?
  15. clmlbx

    GiveAway : - iCare Data Recovery Professional

    iCare Data Recovery Professional : Giveaway only for Today iCare Data Recovery Pro - Advanced recovery for memory card usb flash external drive etc. Version Get it ASAp
  16. W

    Which professional certified course to opt?

    Currently, I'm in B.E. (Computer Engineering) First Year, i want to pursue a professional certified course in programming or SQL or anything that will help me later on. Currently, I know HTML and C++(partly). I live in Delhi, so please provide info about the institutes too if you can.
  17. S

    A bulky amplifier for sound card microphone???

    Can I use a bulky amplifier to amplify professional microphone for my laptop?
  18. K

    Disabling how?

    Hi Guys, There are two features in Microsoft office professional 2003. One is we can do anything with internet connection in Microsoft word and the other is automatic updating. I want the two features disabled. How to do that. Can I disable Microsoft office professional 2003 from working...
  19. mohityadavx

    Free easeus backup professional

    Yup! Free Easeus backup Professional for free downlaod till next 24 hours. Download link:- link
  20. mikeyaxe

    ASROCK new MOtherBoards

    GUYS does ne1 have ne idea..what the price of the ASROCK latest boards is... i mean for ASROCK EXTREME 6 and ASROCK FATALITY professional i tried to find the approx cost..but hadnt luck so far....n is it good enuf board
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