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  1. Y

    Make template appear under "Installed Templates" office 2007 and 2010

    How can I display my template under "Installed Templates" and NOT UNDER "My Templates". Where excel has- Billing Statement Loan Amortization etc Is there any utility which can ease the process for me. Image for what I want -Desired Outcome.jpg - Uploader v6
  2. utkarsh73

    !!!!!!Some terrible virus is sucking my pc!!!!!!!!!

    My pc has been severely attacked by a virus which increases the CPU usage by 30%. It attaches to a process and increases the CPU usage by 25-30%.(Please see the attached files) And displays the message window "There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into the drive...
  3. Cilus

    Everything about Threading; Single Thread to Bulldozer

    Hi Guys, Here is the article about Threading I've promised earlier. It is the lengthiest article by me till date but the most elaborated and informative one too. Tried to explain everything without using jargons so that it can be understood by mass. Please have your patience and go along with...
  4. Jaskanwar Singh

    AMD HD7970 specs - Early Predictions

    a guess by someone i think. not sure. AMD Radeon HD 7970 (28nm) Southern Islands - Overclockers Australia Forums
  5. linardni

    Print on Pre-printed Certificate, how?

    Please suggest how do I print entries in pre-printed certificates? Is there any freeware or easy process?
  6. Sarath

    [Solved] Folding@Home using up CPU/GPU

    I think I got misdirected into downloading a FAH file and installing it. The process shows fahcore_a4.exe utilising all my cores at 100% and the GPU too. I tried ending the process but it kept coming back. How to uninstall this as it is not a program which shows in Program Files?
  7. U

    graphic card @ 5k

    i want to buy a graphic card at price of 5k..... my systm configuratin is intel core 2 duo E7300@2.66GHZ, 2.66GHZ n 2gb ddr2 ram n 500gb seagate hdd.. main purpose for using graphic card is for using maya,shake,fusion renderng process and like to play pc games too plss give a valuble...
  8. S

    Folder creation

    When i create a folder with name con in any where in windows 7 then the system can't create it .plz give a process how to create that folder.
  9. The Incredible

    "serivces.exe" process (how to remove ?)

    heyz! i have an old desktop with winXP running on it. It got infected by some penDrive, and now if I press any key more than once in succession, it won't work. e.g, if I press '2', it writes '2' but if I again press '2', nothing happens. i opened task manager and found a process...
  10. S

    Posting Groupon style deals

    Hi Friends, Many of you might be aware of the famous group buying website Groupon (Chicago Deals: Cheap Fun Things to Do in Chicago | Groupon Deals). You would also have noticed the way they publish deals through Facebook. I need to know the way they post their deals? Can anybody let me know...
  11. B

    Problem with my Laptop's i3

    Here is my configuration : CPU-Z Validator 3.1 And Here's my problem, For someday I've been noticing that my laptop's CPU is behaving strangely under stress. If I put some cpu intense process that consumes say 60-80% for about 2 minute, all of a sudden, the cpu usage rises to 100% and my...
  12. C

    windows vista CPU usage 90-100 percent

    hi ppl... whener i start my lappy i and try opening any folder the system becomes unresponsive and on checkin task manager the explorer.exe show abt 90-100 percent cpu usage killing the process and restarting it fixes the issue... bt it shldnt be happening in the first place.. any...
  13. rahulbalmuri

    Soft. That Copies Whole Data on CD as it is inserted?

    hi guys...! I need a software that copies the data on the cd as soon as the cd is inserted into the drive. and it must do this process in the background(invisible)...? can any one name it...? is it available or not?
  14. NewsBytes

    Slackware 13.1

    Slackware is one of the oldest Linux distributions around and it's well known for several reasons. It's been somewhat notorious for its installation process. It’s only when we got to the installation process that it became obvious that little has changed in that aspect.  You really need...
  15. pauldmps

    Malfunctioning iPhone 4.0 Burns User, USB Charging Cord

    Source: Malfunctioning iPhone 4.0 Burns User, USB Charging Cord | News & Opinion | PCMag.com In a bit of news from the "don't touch it" department, Boy Genius Report… reports… that a user's iPhone 4 caught fire during the connection/recharging process, resulting in slight burns to the...
  16. eggman

    ADOBE to visit for Campus Placement. Any suggestions!

    Job Profile :Software tester Location: Noida Anyone who is working under Adobe or any experience of this process plz share info like the kind of questions to expect in Interview!
  17. T

    Broken download problem solved

    I had this download problem when downloading from youtube and other video shareing sites. If it is a big download, I have to halut the download process as I can not download for a strech.( i have a slow connection). So, most of the files were not 100% complete.Nor they resumed after say a day...
  18. rakesh_sharma23

    Guide: DIY Printed Circuit board Making

    DIY Printed Circuit board Making. Printed circuit board or PCB has its vital role in today’s high-tech life. From TV to toys from Computer to mobile, all electrons work with a PCB inside. Commonly a PCB is made up of a fiber board with copper tracks to join different electronic components...
  19. sriharsha_madineni

    WD Passport went kaput suddenly, need to recover data urgent help :(

    My Wd passport 320GB went kaput suddenly a while back. All I get is "X:\ is not accessible, The file or Directory is corrupted or Unreadable" The problem is I filled it to the brim, since I was moving some important data. While copying I noticed the transfer rates have slowed down considerably...
  20. F

    Freeup or clean RAM using notepad

    :)) RAM – Random Access Memory is one of the main component of computer that is responsible for the process of the operating system.Since all the Operating systems support Multiprocessing, hence require a good RAM speed. Since all the current running processes are stored onto the RAM, it slows...
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