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  1. arcticflare

    svchost using up entire memory

    A process called scvhost.exe has been taking up 100% cpu usage slowing down my system entirelyly. worse still, the process refuses to end even after a considerable period of time. What could be the prob?? My sys runs on winxp sp2.
  2. M

    firefox trouble

    In the task manager,i always find the firefox.exe running.Even whwn i end the process manually it starts automatically after 2 or 3 secs But i am able to launh firfox fro desktop icon witout getting the error that says a fifrefox process is already running.Please help me
  3. H

    System Idle Process slowing down my PC...

    Hello all.. I formatted my boot drive last month & at present I am working on a relatively "new" OS on my system. By new I mean that I havent installed all the softwares that I generally need to use. Of late I noticed a drop in the performance in my PC. I snooped around a bit & noticed...
  4. P

    i just can't get which virus infected my computer

    whenever i insert my pen-drive, its displays new hardware found continuously even the installation process for the new hardware is finished, still it pops the yellow balloon showing new hardware found... to use my any how i can use the usb-drive ignoring the messages and killing some process...
  5. M

    How 2 Speed up Data transfer

    I recently bought a Ext HDD (Seagate) 80GB I want to transfer my music collection to this HDD from my desktop Its size is nearly 11 GB ... How do I make this process faster than usual Will compressing using Winzip or WinRAR Work? Plzzzzz. HELP
  6. S

    Microsoft Ships New Malware Hunting Utility

    On the heels of its July 2006 acquisition of Mark Russinovich's Winternals Software, Microsoft has replaced the popular Regmon and Filemon utilities with a single tool offering advanced capabilities for real-time monitoring of registry and process thread activity. The release of the new...
  7. D

    I need urgent help plz...

    I cannot install IE 7 on my winxp pro sp2 computer, mid-way through the installation process it says access denied. Also WMP 11 installation to failed.
  8. Root2

    not able to instal linux!!!!

    i have a p4 1.5GHz processor wid mercury 845NFSX motherboard wid a graphics card of 32 MB .. i had before installed linux , both ,versions9 n 10.. now when i tried to install fedora core 4( i have installed it earlier ) the process goes on very smoothly until for the last time when it says...
  9. hemant_mathur

    Unlocking the Mysteries of 'Svchost.exe'

    Source : http://www.langa.com/blog/2006/10/unlocking-mysteries-of-svchostexe.htm Svchost.exe, which you'll find in the WINDOWS\System32 folder, launches at startup and loads any services from dynamic-link libraries (DLLs) that the Registry tells it to run. Svchost.exe can, and usually does...
  10. ketanbodas

    Pc Freezes All The Time

    :mad: WTF...these days my PC freezes so very very often when I am working and I often hav to re-start and lose work in the process ! What is hapening and what can I do. Ples dont ask me to reinstall :-(
  11. R

    GPRS on BSNL CellOne

    Hi, I want to know how do we apply for GPRS/MMS on a BSNL Cellone (Plan 100) connection. I heard that they are charging Rs49/month. Is there any automatic process or what? I didnt understand the website details
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