1. D

    Confusing prices for y510p & z510 lenovo lappys @local stores in Lamington Road, Mumbai

    Today, went to Lamington Road the hub of laptop & desktop market in Mumbai. Had shortlisted on following 3 laptop models after going through expert reviews at this forum: Lenovo ideapad y510p - core i5(59-389687) Y510p- core i7 (59-390016) Z510- core i7 (59-398016) Received various...
  2. Vyom

    Need the best Printer (Print + Copy + Scan) for around 4k-5k

    Initially I had a budget for around 3k and made up my mind to buy HP Deskjet 1510 Multifunction Inkjet Printer owing to the brand "HP" and low cost. But I quickly realized that HP earns not from the printer but from the costly Ink cartridges. Also I had a HP deskjet printer. But it got outdated...
  3. kg11sgbg

    Want to buy Canon PIXMA MG2570 multi-functional inkjet printer

    How about a printer:---> Canon PIXMA MG2570,which I intended to buy from Snapdeal??? The printer seems good according to reviews. Any feedback regarding the printer is welcomed. How about dealing with Snapdeal?
  4. R

    Printer + scanner machine suggestion required

    Hello Digit, I need to buy a Printer cum scanner cum fax machine for my home use. Please suggest me the and affordable one Ink cartridge refilling wise and print quality. I'm not going to print photos. Only document printing will be my use. Regards, Rishikesh
  5. B

    Buying a Laser Printer

    I have an old HP Laser Printer, HP 1020: * I bought it about five years ago for about Rs 7K. I...
  6. S

    Help me decide best Printer for Personal use

    I am looking to buy a printer. I am interested in these 2 printer 1. Canon PIXMA E510 2. HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 3545 Although Wireless is not a requirement. I want to decide based on cartage cost, refill and Printer Quality. Please help me decide. My budge is around 4 to 5 thousand.
  7. B

    Canon PIXMA iP 1980 printer driver

    Technology for printing most recently updated by canon, After download Canon PIXMA iP 1980 printer driver now get more facility for printing photo, Recently I visit several place of Switzerland and take some beautiful photo when printing with my favorite Canon PIXMA its relay those looking...
  8. S

    Printer suggestion requested.

    Hi, I am trying to buy a printer, which would have multiple functions like printing scanning copying etc.. I am also looking for a device which would be economical in the long run with regards to the cost of refining and cartridges. Additionally, I would like to take out photos occasionally...
  9. a_medico

    Ink tank and wiireless printer queries

    Dear friends, I want to upgrade to Ink tank printer (currently HP deskjet). Requirement - Around 40 pages per day Scanner, copier needed considering wireless capability too Please suggest a good ink tank based printer. I am aware that Epson is selling few. I really dont need...
  10. doomgiver

    Printing solution : print+scan

    I need a printer for light usage (about ~20-30 pages a week, but usage is erratic, and i need instant prints, else i'd just have gone to the "bhaiyya"), and a scanner for rare useage (like a few times a month). what do you guys suggest? i've heard that inkjets plain suck, and its better to go...
  11. M

    Need a printer Budget 11k

    Hey guys I need a LASER printer for my home. I will do a bit of heavy black and white printing and i need only laser. Scanner is not a need because i will be using my old printer as a scanner, then too no harm if it has inbuilt. I would prefer HP for printers. I found out some:- LJ 1020+...
  12. shreeux

    Best Printer for Certificate Printing?

    I am running a computer institute i like to know which type of printer will be better for me to print colour certificates in different sizes. please suggest me in which printer these will be the best printing quality..but economic
  13. arko1983

    Laser printer with scanner

    Need a multi-purpose laser printer and scanner budget 10k,cheap and easy to refill.
  14. Revolution

    Laser Printer Refilling

    Hi, Guy, Where do u do ur refill for laser printer cartridge/toner and what the usual cost ? Actually I don't have much idea about refilling. I'm LF skilled and reputed shop. Heard doing something wrong could damage the expensive laser cartridge. I wanted to buy a mono laser printer for...
  15. ankushkool

    Using WiFi printer on shared network?

    I have a WiFi printer which I need to access via a shared network, but I dont want everyone to access it. Is there a way to do that? The solution I was thinking is getting a router which can connect to two WiFi networks, so I will on one side connect it to the shared network and on the other...
  16. M

    Need help in deciding which printer to. Buy pls !!!

    Hi guys, just like many newbies, i am posting my few unresolved questions here. I searched a lot about monochrome laser ( of course basic one) for my personal home use. I didnt want to compromise on inkjet printers & hence thought of buying a basic, cheap & best printer B&W with very low...
  17. paroh

    A3 Printer + A3 Scanner

    I am looking for a A3 Printer + A3 scanner. Any good recommendation
  18. U

    Good Mono Laser printer

    Please suggest a good Mono Laser printer within a budget of 6.5K max. My old HP 1018 printer died last week and now need to buy a good mono laser. HP is out of my list now as i never liked it. I had shortlisted the following: 1) Canon LBP6018B 2) Brother HL-1111 3) Samsung ML-1866 4)...
  19. ithehappy

    A low cost printer with cheapest page printing rate?

    Need to buy one. Budget is as low as possible. The printing cost should be as low as possible, I will be printing 5-8 pages per day, 5 days per week, b&w, A4. And I am sure any printer can photocopy something nowadays? And also I would like it to be small, some years back I had a Canon Pixma...
  20. Anish

    Problem printing on Inland cover

    Hi, I have a monochrome laser printer (Canon LBP 2900B). The problem is, that when I take print out on multiple inland letter covers, it takes lot of time between prints. Like, between prints, it takes some 10 seconds, but when a A4 sheet is used, it takes the next paper almost instantly...
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